Friday, June 25, 2010

Amazing Love, How Can It Be?

Big Buckaroo has a friend named Mickey that he worked with for years and was very close to when he lived further South. They remain very good friends today. His wife De and I became friends, she is very dear to me. Now, they live in another state, a pretty good drive from us, so we do not see them as often as we would like.

When I was pregnant with Little Buckaroo, Mickey, who is quiet the jokester, would tell us that we should name him or her after him because Mickey could be used for a boy or a girl. I just rolled my eyes, which further antagonized him.

However, when we were throwing out names, Mickey and De's last name was one we thought about using for a middle name if it was a boy (and it was). Not only was it a cool name, but we wanted to honor them. De had a daughter that was less than two years old when she and Mickey got married, Mickey raised her as his own.

They tried for YEARS to have a baby, and unfortunately De lost some sweet little souls before they were able to leave Heaven and join us here on Earth. So, it was an easy choice for us to use their last name as Little Buckaroo's middle name which we call him by. His first name is his daddy's, of course, we do adhere to many Southern rules, hehe.

When their daughter was a junior in high school, they took in a boy from church that lived in a children's home. He was also a junior in high school and they have given him the family he never had, guided him through his last years of high school and watched as he and their daughter walked across the stage and graduated last year from high school.

They are selfless and giving people, I don't know many people who would do what they have done to help a young man reach his potential and show him what God's love really is.

Then, as their oldest was in her first semester of college, De started feeling just plain YUCK!

Yes....we serve an amazing, loving God. I would like to introduce you to Jesse.

An amazing gift from above for two people who deserve so much happiness and as they look at their sweet angel, they have found it.

Jesse was born on MY birthday, but they did not name him after me, sheeesh, you think there would be a little name payback, just kidding.

Everyone stop today to count your blessings and know that God has so many wonderful things planned for you, even when you think things are not possible. He is the God of possibilities.

Thanking God for His Amazing Love,
The Park Wife

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farmers' Market In Full Swing

Life on our little farm is full blast right now. From squash to zucchini to tons of cucumbers, we are reaping the benefits of our hard work. We are enjoying the farmers' market. It is so worth the time we spend preparing everything.

We have almost doubled our number of farmers, with 13 on average each Saturday. All grown and produced locally!

I have also met many new friends and even reconnected with one of Big Buckaroo's cousins whose girlfriends family is one of our major farm families.

My goal is to give the residents of our town & consumers in the region an opportunity to have access to a wide variety of locally/sustainably grown, & produced goods. I am happy to report, we are doing a pretty good job of that. People are becoming educated on eating what is in season and eating fresh, local foods. I hope we are also saving some family farms along the way and preserving the fabric of small towns and the values in which they are made.

The kids are having a blast! They spend the days at the market playing with their friends and making new ones with any kid that comes to the market with their family.

Oh, and every once in a while they might sell a cup of lemonade, if they have not drank it all.

I hope that we are being good stewards of all we have been blessed with -- land to grow healthy food and kids to grow into healthy, Godly young men. Now, that is truly sustainably living.

Time to wash ANOTHER load of clothes.
The Park Wife

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Gets In The Way

Whew! I have been a bit busy lately, sorry oh faithful readers (all 4 of you), but I am here for an update.

This time of year the farmers' market consumes my life; from speaking to various civic groups to radio interviews to working with our farmers to get them ready for market. And, it has all paid off. We opened the market last Saturday with 13 farmer/producers and MANY customers. It was a huge success. The best part of it all is that I think that people are genuinely interested in not only supporting their local farmers but also the health value of eating locally.

Thanks to Food, Inc., Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, the rapid growth of farmers' markets, and even Michelle Obama's White House garden, people are starting to get it!!! Yes, our food system is screwed up. Factory farming, genetically engineered food, foodborne illness, diabetes and obesity, cloning, oh my! I urge you to learn more about where your food comes from that you feed your family.

I also love that farmers' markets help to create community, something that is lacking in our technology-driven world. It is a great gathering place for local producers and their neighbors that fosters the connection between our food, our culture, our land and our environment. Nothing beats sitting around with farmers who value living sustainably and leaving the earth a better place than they found it. There is a lot we can all learn from those who went before us.

There is one other thing that has been in the planning that happened the week before the market opened. Our sweet friend Elissa was married and the Buckaroo's were in the wedding. I was a nervous wreck that they would pick their nose or some other obnoxious thing to interrupt the wedding, but they were fantastic, perfect little gentlemen. And, oh my, they are handsome!

Nothing like seeing your guys in tuxedos in a wedding to think about their future weddings. Time is flying by so fast with these guys and I continue to pray for their future wives. What I do know is that no matter what I will be a fantastic mother-in-law, even if the woman they choose is not who I would have chosen for them. I will be accepting, loving and go out of my way to be kind to her, no matter what because my relationship with our boys is important enough to me to nourish and sacrifice for that relationship. Oh, but I am still praying for the perfect girl who will be one of my best friends. Yea, PLEASE God!

Market is open again today so I better go pick squash, zucchini and cucumbers!
The Park Wife