Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gypsy in Me

Growing up in Meridian, MS, I heard many tales of a band of gypsies that had traveled there to bury their Queen. In 1915, the sudden death of beloved Gypsy Queen Callie (Kelly) Mitchell brought an estimated 20,000 people to my small southern hometown to attend her funeral and burial.

After birthing 15 babies, I am not sure
Queen Kelly's waist was this trim.
The Queen of the Gypsies of America and her tribe were camped near Meridian when the Queen died during the delivery of what was believed to be her 14th or 15th child. Sweet mercy, she was probably tired from wearing all her bling, traveling from place to place, telling fortunes, and taking care of babies and toddlers. I guess I should not complain, my life is not that hard. However, I would not mind some her precious jewels.

Queen Kelly's burial at Rose Hill Cemetary turned the cemetery into one of the main Romani burial grounds in the Southeast. Her husband, Emil, King of the Gypsy nation, her successor, Flora, and numerous other Gypsies have been buried alongside her.

If I would not have bounced out of there to head off to college and never return, I would be a seventh generation Merdianite. I just know that somewhere in my family history, one of those gypsies married a chicken farmer or even more taboo, had a tryst with a young dairy farmer resulting in a branch on my family tree. Makes me giddy just thinking of the jeweled, glittery decor on that branch. In reality, there is probably not any gypsy blood in me, but……maybe…..

The self-proclaimed gypsy in me has taken me all over the South; I have lived in several towns in Mississippi, in Memphis, Austin, TX, a Summer in Destin, FL, and since marrying Big Buckaroo, a few place in Arkansas. Even though I have strong bonds with people in each of the places I have been, I am always up for a new adventure, not so much the packing and moving furniture (at least there is U-Haul and I do not have to pack a wagon), but the excitement that comes with a new town. And, boy we have landed in a dandy.

I watched all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls, oh my, I love me some Gilmore Girls. If you have watched the show (if not, come out from under your rock and start, you will love it) it takes place in the fictional town of Stars' Hollow, a town populated by an eclectic mix of dreamers, artists, and everyday folk, well sistah friends, I have found a real live Stars Hollow. And, I get to live here!

I have found the people in our new town to be wonderful and kind; some quirky and eccentric, some reserved and quiet, and everything in between. I am sure I will learn more of the dynamics as time goes by, but so far, everyone has been warm, welcoming, non-judgemental, and friendly.

I am happy to unload my gypsy wagon and lay down roots in this town. And, thank you to my parents for giving me strong roots and beautiful, fearless wings. I hope and pray that we will be as successful in giving that to the Little Buckaroos.

Gypsy Princess Wanna Be,
The Park Wife

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Park Wife Hillbilly

I can not believe it has been so long since I interacted with my bloggity friends on here. Did you miss me? Um, did you know I was not around? Don't answer that, the answer might send me into the corner with leftover chocolate dipped strawberries from Valentine's Day and hours of browsing Pinterest for cool things that I will never get around to doing.

See, I have been a bit busy. I know, aren't we all. Not only have we re-launched Arkansas Women Bloggers (which thankfully, I have had some fantastic, heavy-lifting done by Julie at Eggs and Herbs), but we finally were able to move back to the mountains.  Woohooooo (insert boisterous cheers here)!

I first fell in love with the beautiful mountains in Arkansas after I left Memphis, married Big Buckaroo, and moved to Petit Jean State Park. We loved it there - the beauty, the people, what an extraordinary place. Then, we moved to a historical park in a flat, sandy area. Great for gardening, but no mountains. I had many wonderful friends there and (watch out, about to gush over the love of my life) Big Buckaroo did an extraordinary job with that park. He definitely left it a MUCH better place than he found it.

I have spent the last month unpacking boxes in a beautiful new home, exploring our incredible new town that for all you Gilmore Girls fans (if you haven't watched it, start tonight, one of my favorite shows EVER) is just like Stars Hollow, getting kids settled into new surroundings and being there for Big Buckaroo as he has taken on managing a huge park with many facets. Oh, and I watched all nine seasons of As Time Goes By. Love me some Judi Dench.

I have also been fighting Internet connection issues. Let's just say it is not pretty when a blogger and social media gal is not connected to the web consistently for a month and a half. Hand over the chocolate sistah! Actually, although frustrating at times, it has been good as we transitioned. The time I allot for the computer each day has been added to extra games of UNO with the Buckaroos, decorating the house, visiting cool shops in our town, and cooking a little more. So, my disconnect has not been all bad, well there is the increased number of dirty pots, but, alright, not all bad.

Watch out, The Park Wife is back and oh mercy, what tales I will have to tell in this extraordinary place I live, with three of the most incredible guys, and a fish. (we no longer have our horse, chickens, goats, nope, no farm animals at our new place). But, just wait and see what we do have, I can not wait to share this next chapter of our life with you.

Hillbilly with awesome boots,
The Park Wife