Friday, December 7, 2007

Welcome, the Beast

I love our bedroom, it is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I chose to decorate with alot of white, crazy for a gal with 2 little buckaroos and one Big Buckaroo, but I just love it. I am also a little particular about our house. So, having the beast move in was a little hard for me (Martha Stewart would be so disappointed in me), but SO necessary.

I love our bed, it is so big and fluffy!

This was my great-grandfather's chest, I love it.

My great-grandmother needlepointed this chair and the mirror is from her dining room in their home in Mississippi. The little chest is a sewing chest of my grandmothers.

Welcome, the Beast. Bring on the Christmas cookies, dips, ham, and on and on! Oh, wait, I have to actually get on it to burn these calories. Well, since I actually broke down and put it in my house, I guess I better use it. I will keep you posted on my progress (or lack thereof).


Mapper said...

I LOVE everything except the treadmill! hahahaha I want your bed too!
The chair and chest are so awesome!
Stop by later, I did Boomama's Soup-tacular and did a photo step by step of my soup recipe!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful bedroom! Too bad about The Beast, but you're right it will help you eat more and more and more. Good luck with it!
FYI, I have a stand alone punching bag in my living room. My mom saw it and said "Well, I bet it deters home invaders."

JessicaB said...

You are very brave with all the white but it is soooo beautiful.

I need me a beast. I am still working on my baby fat. If I can make it through the holidays without gaining I will be happy.
Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely~We too had a 100-lb hanging heavy bag in the basement of our home for years. We had to move the couch when we wanted to use it! Fortunately, we moved it to our work building and it has it's own special room in the sub-basement. BTW, I think I ran across you on the PW website. Had to check out her new best friend!

chicken friend said...

your bedroom looks so beautiful and you ruined it with the treadmill!!!!!!!! your bedroom according to the fly lady is supposed to be a sanctuary, a haven...a retreat. not the spa! put it in the barn with big buckaroo's stuff...then you can pretend you are flirting with a hottie at the gym!!!!!!!!!! and then lure the hottie home baby.(see this is all ok because you are MARRIED to this man you would be picking up in your own gym.)

Stacie said...

Ah the Beast. I know it well. Mine bekons to me from the basement. In my old house in CT I was very particular, here, I just don't have the room to care. You have some beautiful family heirlooms. I do love things like that. Your bedroom is gorgeous!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Well -- at least you have a view. (I love those curtains b.t.w.) Give thanks in all things... right?? LOL

Our "stuff" is in the basement... but then it doesn't get used. So -- bedroom is best probably --- if you want it to get used. :p

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

I wish you much success with the beast!!

Mine is holding up well...holding up an afghan, a box of video tapes, the breakfast in bed tray, a basket filled with knitting projects.