Thursday, February 28, 2008

Geography 101

Little Buckaroo LOVES maps - seeing where rivers run, places are, and interesting things about the places. He really loves his globe that my college roomate from New Orleans sent him a few years ago - Aunt ChiChi rocks!

So, in an effort to keep things fun, I am enlisting your help. Please send me where you live and a fun, interesting, cool, quirky, thing about your town. If you would rather be anonymous and not let me know exactly where you live (which I totally understand), let us know of a great place you have visited and some interesting facts about it.

My good friend Mapper, you might as well email me because you are a wealth of geographichal knowledge and I don't think the comment section will hold your list.

Thanks for your help educating my child!
The Park Wife


Pam said...

You made my day :)

I will email Little Buck soon.

Valarie said...

Ok, I live in North AL in a little place called Lick Skillet, yes you heard me right. Actually its north of the Rocket City. Can you figure out where I am?

Jeannelle said...

Just found your blog from PW's site. Your life sounds in a state park!

I live on a farm in northeast Iowa. The movie "Country" was filmed right down the road from here. That's not really quirky, though.....

Renee said...

Does little buckaroo like airplanes? Because I live in the town where the first Boeing airplane was built (and pretty much every Boeing airplane since).

Where to I live?

Around The Funny Farm said...

Western PA and our town has homes with secret rooms and tunnels in them that was part of the underground railroad.

Smoochiefrog said...

Well, I live on a military base that houses NSA. Need more?

Dani said...

I am originally from Little Egg Harbor, NJ which was the third largest port on the Eastern Seaboard.

Then I was in Purchase, NY at Purchase College, where the movie PCU was based on

And now I live in Bronx, NY two blocks from the Bronx Zoo.

Mommy Lion said...

I'll email you something fun about our town . . . I've got to do some research to find out what it is! ;o) Please tell me you don't have your tree up still! LOL ;o)

Shirley said...

Hi Little Buckaroo. I live in a small town in NE Arkansas called Lake City. Originally a logging town because of it's location on the St. Francis River with lots of cypress, it later became a farming area.

Until consolidation got our school, we had one of the two most unique mascots in the US. We were the Catfish.

Where's the lake, you wonder? The name of the town came about as a result of a dance pavilion that was built out over the river that called Lake City.

Have fun.

Mittie said...

I live in the geographical center of TN, in a town that is home to the state university with the largest enrollment.

And Valarie, my mom grew up a stones throw from Lick Skillet in Fayetteville, so yes, I know where you are :-).

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was born in Dodge City, KS, but I live in Bartlesville, OK now. Here in Bartlesville we have Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper, The Price Tower. Come visit us sometime!

Valarie said...

OMG Mittie, I am originally from Fayetteville. I was raised there!! I also believe I know where you are.

Catty Ax Lady said...

My city hosted the 1904 Worlds Fair, where the ice cream cone debuted! It is also the birthplace of Chuck Berry and John Goodman. My city is nicknamed "Gateway to the West" because of the many people who moved west across our country through it.

St. Louis, Missouri, is home of the Arch, the baseball Cardinals, and the football Rams.

OKGardners said...

Hello, Little Buckaroo...
I live in Edmond, Oklahoma, which is just West of Arkansas.
We are the only state with working oil wells on our State Capitol grounds.

Come visit sometime!

Betty in Oklahoma

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

Since I always want to know every little story about places...something about being an interpreter I guess, the location where I work was one of the most violent places during the Civil War as Jayhawkers and Bushwhackers fought each other on what is now state property. (By the way, I'm taking your advice and trying to create a blog, we'll see if I can figure it out!--by the way, do you understand my blogger name?)

Monstie's Mom said...

Hi! I live in Connecticut! Here are a couple of facts:

-In 1937, Connecticut became the first state to issue permanent license plates for cars.

-Connecticut is home to the oldest U.S. newspaper still being published: The Hartford Courant, established in 1764

And just for fun...
-In Hartford (our capital city), you may not, under any circumstances, cross the street walking on your hands! Hmmm...I guess that was a problem?!

This is such a great idea! Have fun!

:Jayne said...

I live at the Western Gate to the Sunshine State. It's the Cradle of Naval Aviation. They say that because all Navy pilots are "born" here. We have the super coolest Naval Aviation Museum and lots of old forts to explore. Oh yeah and a pretty good beach too!
Come Visit! I'll be a tour guide!


Liz G. said...

Howdy, Little Buckaroo!

I live in Plano, TX - but was born in Memphis, TN, and have lived in Mayfield, KY; Springfield, MO; Marshall, TX; and Hollywood, CA.

My favorite places on this earth are Inverness, Scotland and Santa Barbara, CA.

Have fun traveling around that map!

Nick + Melissa said...


I live in a suburb of Kansas City these days and really don't know any interesting facts to share at this time on my little town.

But, I grew up in largest city in Kansas. Home of the first Pizza Hut, and known to be the air capital of the world. Do you know where home is for me?

How fun!

jcrow said...

Hey Little Buckaroo:

I live in the former marriage capital of the world - back in the day and Jerry Lee Lewis married his teenage bride in my small little town. Up the road Is Jerry Lee's "friend" Elvis. Do you know where I live?

The Thompson Family said...

Hi there Little Buckaroo,

You are going to be so full of geographical knowledge once you are done with this project.

I live near the town that is home to the smurf turf. That's right, the Boise State Broncos. Their football team has done very well in the last couple of seasons. My boys love to watch all the football games. But after football season they like to run around our yard riding their stick horses with their holsters on. You should come visit and play some day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Buckaroo
I live in a town (City)on the coast about 55 miles west of Los Angeles California and 35 miles south of Santa Barbara. We are the frozen lima bean capital of the world but most people mention our citrus, avocados and strawberries. They are harvesting the 1st batch of the new year strawberries now. Yummy! Oxnard California

lolly said...

Since Mommy Lion will be telling you about our town, I will tell you about a place I once lived.

Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is the largest port in Europe. (lots of REALLY big ships) It was bombed heavily in WWII because of this and so it looks very different than most European cities because it had to be rebuilt (mostly in the 50's)

The primary language is Dutch. The average height of the Dutch is taller than any other in the world.

cdees39 said...

Hey- I live in Fort Worth, TX. Cowtown USA. We are known for rodeos, the stockyards, and the best urban living in America. Your mommy can help by doing a google search. Come see us!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Hello Buckaroo,
I live in a small town 50 miles north and west of New York City, very near West Point, NY, in the part of New York State called the Hudson Valley. The Hudson River is very wide here, and during the Revolutionary War, the Hudson River at West Point was an important place. You will learn about it all when you study American History. The name of this town is Monroe, named after one of the presidents of this United States. The 'claim to fame' for Monroe, NY is that Velveeta Cheese was invented right here! Every year we have a cheese festival to honor the important cheese history in this part of New York. Lots of people from all over come to Monroe for the day and eat lots and lots of cheese!

Mittie said...


hmmmmmmmmm.... where do I know you from? This name is my real name, and there aren't too many of us around, so it's entirely possible that you do know me, LOL!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I live in Guthrie, Oklahoma, the first state capitol of Oklahoma before some say the great state seal was stolen by Oklahoma City!! What fun. I've been out of pocket, so I only now got to write.~~Dee

Jan said...

I live in Fairfield, TX. There is a state park nearby named Fairfield State Park. It is on a power plant cooling lake.
I was born in Madisonville,Ky.
Your park sounds very interesting on your Mom's blog tho I don't know where it is.

Steph in AK said...

I'm in Eagle River, Alaska, home of the Bear Paw Festival! :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Beaconsfield on the Island of Montreal in Quebec Canada. From our bathroom window I can Lake Saint-Louis and from time to time some ships that travel from the Great Lakes.

We have had 116 inches of snow so far this winter. Our snowbanks are taller than most people.

Hope you can find us on the map.
Enjoy your mom's blog.

Heather in Beaconsfield

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

I followed you over from your comment on PW's site. Does the little Buckaroo like Cars?

I live in southeast Michigan approx. 20 minutes north of Detroit or as we like to refer to it "The Motor City". Oakland County, where I live is also known as "Automation Alley".

Can you guess why?