Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Men and Directions

Yes, men and directions in the same sentence, baffling I know.

Big Buckaroo is going to their state office at the capitol today, and even though he goes there often, he will get a little turned around. He blames it on the one-way streets, trying to find a "quicker" way, and on and on. But, ladies, you know it is because men are unable to give or take directions. Adam did not know where the Tree of Good and Evil was, Eve had to show him how to get there.

Case in point - as I was preparing for my trip "Deep in the Heart of Texas", I asked Big Buckaroo which Highway I took off of the main Interstate to get there, he said he would look at a map and let me know. I also called Dee and asked her to ask her hubby which one to take. Now, they have been to our house at this Park numerous times and we have been to their home. So, I figured one of them would just spout off the number of the highway.

Well, I got something like this:
Start out going southeast for about 8 miles, then merge onto the Interstate going South, turn West for a mile, then turn northeast. Take the Hwy 1 exit and go South. Ladies, I do not have a GPS in my car, I don't own a compass, or know how to use a sundial. Plus, it was dark, so don't tell me that I should look for where the sun is setting to get my bearings. Even if it was sunset, I still would not know which way was north and which was south.

I NEED landmarks. Now, Dee could help me out here. A conversation with her would go more like this. Go into town, turn right after Walmart, go a little ways until you see Target and the movie theater. You will need to take this exit, it will take you right by the mall (look on the road across from the mall because you will see Hobby Lobby and they are having a big sale). Now, don't turn by McDonald's go on down by Starbucks (a national landmark, right?) You will then go 200 miles, turn right by the Olive Garden, go two blocks, pass the white house with the big columns (next to the brick one that needs their shutter's painted). Go through the stop sign and the house in on the left.

Postscript: these are not actual directions to Dee's house in case you are wanting to go by for a visit.

For all you men who are in denial about being able to give and take directions, you should send your women to get directions! Don’t allow your pride to get in the way. Send in the woman!

Hehe, I love you Big Buckaroo, I hope you make it home before dark. (he has to have at least one flaw.)

Lost at the Park,
The Park Wife


OKGardners said...

I know you are not lost since you can always find your way back. Now you know another way men and women are different. Mine gets lost leaving the new neighborhood. (not really, but almost) We must remember that we do all have flaws, and that makes us "special" - and when we love that other person, we are very forgiving. Right?

Love you guys!
Betty in Oklahoma

PS: I loved your "200 miles" comment in your directions to Dee's house. Funny!!

Jenny said...

Oh how I can relate to this post! Give me landmarks or I will NEVER make it to where I need to go! It's scary how turned around I can get!

Sandy said...

The directions to my mom's house included the phrase, "turn left at the little red store". They tore the store down and put up an apartment complex and the directions changed to "turn left where the little red store used to be".

We all found her house everytime we needed canned goods or our laundry done...lol.

Mommy Lion said...

Landmarks, landmarks and more landmarks! I'm with you. Although, I must admit I've gotten better with my north/south, west/east ~ you got to with our streets making loops! ;o)

OneCowgirl said...

my mother has a great theory of why men won't ask directions - men won't ask because they think if they ask directions a certain part of their anatomy will get shorter -
jet is mending but its going to months before we know how the two tendons healed. Thanks for asking!

Sage said...

To get to my husband's brother's place here in Minnesota, you have to take the corncrib road. The corncrib has been gone for years, but the directions still are "turn at the corncrib road." And the funny thing is, everyone knows where it is, corncrib or not! ~marge~

Dani said...

My boyfriend is terrible, and he always gets realllly frustrated..... And