Monday, February 18, 2008

Order & Harmony Restored in Texas

I had a wonderful weekend in Texas helping my friend fairygodmotherdee (Dee) organize her home. Her family is adopting a teenage boy from their church and their spare room contents were spread throughout her house, primarily in her bedroom.

She was desperate, but the good thing is, she was not in denial and asked for help. Asking for help and doing what it takes to make the changes is the first step in creating the life you imagine in your home and in all aspects of life.

Now, Dee has a professional job, her hubby too, and two teenage children to keep up with. To say her plate is full is an understatement. So, having a haven to come home to, a place where the stresses of the day melt away is very important. She has made the first step in making her home a place that when people walk in to it they say, "boy, it is good to be here". With God's unconditional love and promised strength, (and a little nudge, well big push from The Park Wife) she is going to be able to manage her home more efficiently.

So, we got started. This is the view walking into Dee's bedroom. We purged and purged. We took out things that did not reflect the life that she envisions for herself and her family.

And, ahhhh! Serenity. A bedroom that gives her a place to breathe!
We then worked on the living room and then before I left, I helped her with her pantry. This girl has more potato chips than the Pringle's man. But, her potato chip problem pales in comparison to her candle addiction. We have talked about a 12 step program to help her with the 63 candles that I gathered in her house. So, on to the pantry re-organization.

Wow, I am not sure she realized what all she had in there. The grocery store clerks are going to be calling in a week or so to make sure she is alright because she does not need to go there for a while. Stock in Brookshire's will be plummeting, so you better sell now.

Thanks Dee for being a good sport and letting me put this on my blog. I have done some organizing jobs in the town close to us. Mostly for people at church and for free. But, I think I have found my niche, I travel out of town to help you guys reorganize, I get a weekend away from dinosaurs, Diego, and diapers, and you get to really know The Park Wife. I work cheap, just ask Dee, all it took was the promise of Dr. Pepper and Ranch dressing and I hit the road.

Now, in actuality, I missed my boys. When I talked to Little Buckaroo on Saturday, remember he is 5, he said "mom, everything I see around here reminds me of you" and all the "I miss you so much" pulled those heart strings. I only cried once, probably because I was knee deep helping price Yard Sale items and did not have much time to think about what was happening back at the Park.

O.K. all you that know me know, that is an exaggeration, I thought about my guys all the time.
Big Buckaroo did a great job with the boys and they had a great time together. However, I do think that he was happy to put on his park uniform and head into the Park this morning.

So, get on my calendar early, The Park Wife Organizer is open for business.

Happy President's Day,
The Park Wife


Pam said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. I am sure the guys missed you. I left here last Jan. for the first time and they had a blast eating out and playing video games, but The Boy is older and by the time I got home (I was gone a lot longer) he was missing me a lot. It's nice to feel missed and appreciated.
You have an open invite to the bday parties here fyi ;) And when you do come you can organize my junk rooms! haha Good to know you have these skills.

Amy said...

WOW! You did a Fantastic job!!! I need you here in College Station!! My dh has been on me for ever to get this small home organized! Being a minister you can imagine how we have an "open door" policy, everyone sees the mess.... aaahhhhh!!

You did a good thing and God is seeing the blessings you provide for others.

Have a blessed day! :)

fairygodmother said...

Yes Mam! I was in dire straits, but no more thanks to The Park Wife's masterful organizational skills. God, please bless my dear friend and Thank You so much for her & the inspiration she brings to me!!

Sandy said...

Terrific job. It's hard to look at work like that as a break but it is. Anything out of the ordinary is a break.

Thanks for posting this. I am inspired.

OKGardners said...

Welcome home!
You are a terrific person to do this for your blog friend.

If she wants to STAY organized, I recommend FLYLADY.NET. That website will give her chores to do in an orderly fashion throughout the month and she will remain organized.

Keep being sweet!

Love, BETTY in OKLAHOMA said...

Well, she actually is not a blog friend. I have known her for about 9 years and she is addicted to The Park Wife blog.

:Jayne said...

I didn't hear you say when it was you would be in Florida with this business. Namely at my house!
I'm glad you are home and that you were missed by the buckaroos!

Catty Ax Lady said...

You are truly inspiring, Park Wife. God has gifted you with amazing talents, not only for organization, but for helping people without asking much in return.

And what a sweetie you've got at home...everything reminds him of you? I think I cried just reading that!

Glad you've made it home safe and sound.

chicken friend said...

wow..ranch dressing and dr. pepper is all it come I can't seem to get you and roos over HERE!! and boy howdy could we use your help. you did an INCREDIBLE job and I'm sure you had a great time. so glad you are home safe and how exciting the peace you carried to that home!! and your friend, dee.