Monday, March 17, 2008

How to Get Around the Park...

...during festival time.

Over the weekend, we witnessed many different ways to get to and around the big festival at the Park. It was crowded, so you had to be careful of all the people and at times very creative to get from point A (the bloomin' onion stand) to point B (the craft area with all the cool, creative people selling their wares).

The Park owns some golf carts. These are easier for Park staff to navigate than their big trucks when there is a lot of traffic. However, on Saturday it was so busy that you could not even get around good on these. So, the Little Buckaroo's were able to sit and pretend they were driving it. Well, pretend except for when Little Buckaroo figured out how to get the brake off and went backwards over my foot.

Now, who would not love a covered wagon ride, well, except for the people back in the 1800s that were on the trail West for months on end. With no hot showers, limited food, and the same people to talk to every day.

Well, then there is getting carried around by a Ranger. This is Big Buckaroo's Asst. Superintendent playing around with the Little Buckaroo.

Or, you could just get pushed around in a stroller all day. I figure that I am putting my time in pushing him around now in the hopes that when I am old, he will push me around. Sorry, ladies, this is the beautiful wife of the Ranger in the previous picture.

Then there is the surrey. Little Buckaroo is fortunate enough to be able to "help" drive the surrey whenever he wants to. This is a common mode of transportation around here. A word of caution- watch where you are stepping when walking around the town streets.

Now, who would not want to drive a Deere that is just their size? This one does not have power steering so it takes two Buckaroo's to drive it.

I guess you CAN take it with you. The occupants of this hearse were stopped to pick up some provisions at the food stands. But, thankfully they did not have a procession (is that the word?) behind them. I can't imagine the traffic jam that would have caused on a big festival day. I would like a corndog to go, please, to go into eternity.

In my opinion, the best way to get around the Park during festival time is walking around with a good friend. I was fortunate to have another park wife and other friends with their children to hang out with all weekend.

We have to wait a whole year before the festival comes back around. I am alright with this as I am about festivaled out and Big Buckaroo is definitely festivaled out!

(Postscript: Some of the Mennonite women were selling their baked products on Friday and Saturday and many of the Mennonite families took in the festivities. I was careful to only take a picture of the back of these boys to be respectful of their beliefs regarding having their photos taken. So, no need to email me about this.)

Until tomorrow,
The Park Wife


Pam said...

I am not sure if the Mennonite have issue with pictures anyhow? Do they? I always thought it was just the Amish? We have Mennonite friends who have their picture taken. But I suppose all could be different? Now you have me curious. I will have to go look it up. I love the pictures. Looked like an awesome time. Wish we could have been there! said...

Yes, many of the Mennonites believe the Biblical prohibition against the making of “graven images.”
This is an article about families of Mennonites moving from Missouri to Arkansas because of a new Missouri law requiring pictures on driver's licenses.

I am sure that it is different from family to family, group to group. I felt I should be repectful either way.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun. How much better can it get to help drive a bunch of horses in a surrey?

You are a wise woman to respect the beliefs of others.


OKGardners said...

Everything looks fun at the festival. Are there additional festivals or get-togethers at your park?

We hope to get there sometime in the future.

Betty in Oklahoma
(Your Next Door Neighbor to the West)

:Jayne said...

Festivals! How fun! It looks like a very good time was had by all at yours.
Love the picture of the Mennonite boys, notice they are in step with each other? Cool capture on your part.