Monday, March 31, 2008

Inner Park Workings

Many have wanted to know how the Park system works, so all of you Wanna Be Park Rangers, pay close attention. First let me say, this is how our state park system works, this is not National Parks. I am sure the system is closely related in how they work, but a whole different animal.

There are Park Rangers, Interpreters, and Park Management. Customarily, many of the Superintendents were Rangers or Interpreters and have moved up to Park Management. Park Rangers are responsible for the overall safety of the Park; law enforcement, first responders (medical), and firefighters.

Interpreters are the ones who educate or actually "interpret" the park, good choice for a name, huh? With historical parks, they would be the people who give you tours and teach about the time period of that park, for recreational parks they would give "programs" about what weeds are edible and the animals in the area by identifying their poop. O.K. now my friend Flying Squirrel is an interpreter and she does much more than eating weeds and studying animal poop, but this is just to give you an idea.

Uniform staff (Superintendents, Asst. Superintendent, Rangers, and Interpreters) live on the park. This has its ups and downs, yes we have a nice home in a Park setting, but my husband is always at work it seems. This is one reason we have land and are building a get-a-way cabin. Previously, we were at a mountain park and now that we have been gone 3 years (this week) we can look back and see how we took advantage of such a wonderful place to live. I think since it is your home and you are immersed in it, you don't enjoy it like a park visitor does. But, for obvious reasons, living on a park is a great place to raise our kids.

Without you, the tourist, it is pointless. As The Park Wife, I just ask that you respect the resource --listen to the interpreter that is trying to share a piece of the park with you and take pictures but leave nothing but footprints.

Get out and visit the parks in your area this weekend. There are official Junior Ranger Badges with your name on them.

The Park Wife


SpokaneMama said...

Good descirption of it all. Our backyard is a state park here in Washington. We love it. I was planning to be a park ranger forever, then ended up being a school teacher after 10 years teaching environmental Education. I did a year in Yellowstone as a park ranger and a year in Grand Teton National park too!

OKGardners said...

Hey, Ed and I visited your mountain park in 2004 and 2006 and you were THERE in 2004. Amazing, huh? It was meant that we would meet.

We do listen when we are with the Rangers, so you would be proud of us as visitors.

Enjoy your surroundings!

Betty (you know where)