Friday, March 14, 2008

Those Bloomin' Trees

I know you are probably tired of seeing our tulip tree, but every time I walk outside I just smile looking at it. So, for all of you who are sitting inside because it is cold and there is snow on the ground, here it is one more time.

So, to bore you, I mean educate you more on the beauty of our area, I thought I would share another tree in our yard.

This is one of the trees in our yard as it looked a week and a half ago.

Here it is a few days ago, it is blooming and the bees are loving it!! This tree provides wonderful shade in the summer. My friend Nikki and I throw a blanket down under it and watch the kids play in the yard. That is our crazy boxer trying to get in the picture.
The branches a week and a half ago.....

what a difference a few days makes.

Close up.... look closely and you will see one happy bee!
Today is the first day of the festival here at the Park. The boys are so excited, first about being outside all day and secondly because they have one of those jumping, climbing things, with a huge slide and an ice cream truck. Does life get any better than this???
Oh, don't worry, I will take a ton of pictures. Probably not of me eating a bloomin' onion, but there will be pictures.
Have a great day!
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so nice.
Have fun @ the festive's this week-end & hope you'll enjoy. And those
Trees are SOOO beutiful.

OKGardners said...

Don't ever hesitate to post blooming trees or flowers in your blog. We ALL love them.

If we didn't have a 3-yr-old's birthday in Tulsa on Saturday, we would head your way for the festival. Can you keep it going an extra week - just for us to attend it? LOL

I would LOVE to see all those flowers bloomed out in person, but second best is seeing your pictures.


Betty in Oklahoma

Liz G. said...

Ok...if I didn't know you were good people already, the fact that you have a Wiggle-butt Boxer is even more proof!! I love me some Boxers!

Shirley said...

I know you are enjoying being outside. My grandchildren played out for a while today, and there's an egg hunt at Craighead Forest Park tomorrow if they don't get rained out.