Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Relief Please!

A few of you have felt pity upon my poison ivy laden state and given me recommendations on how to help this itch consuming, scratch obsession disorder. Now that Little Buckaroo has it too, I am putting out a request for you to give me your remedies. We itch people! Does anyone know if since we have it so bad that it will build up our immunity to it next time? What are your experiences? I have Googled it, but I need proven methods people. Little Buckaroo and I beg you!

I will be going in to town to buy our Boxer his flea med today, I am feeling pity on him now that I can feel his pain. So, send your remedy concoction. Did I mention that we itch people?!!!!

The Itchy Park Wife


Blessed said...

Go into the sporting goods section at Wal-mart and get the stuff they sell back there - it is the best. I think it is ivy-rid or something like that, it is a soap and a cream. Sorry to disappoint you but you won't have an immunity to it, you'll get it again and again and again. I keep the poison ivy soap on hand and we wash with it right away when we have come into contact with it - that really helps it to not be as bad.

Valarie said...

I think you can also go get a shot if its reall bad. That will normally dry it up pretty quickly.

Dawn said...

Sorry to say, no immunity to poison ivy! Did you try the hot compresses that I recommended in your previous post? Sometimes I get it so bad that I have to get a steroid presecription (prednisone) to get it cleared up. But, that comes with some side effects, too, that aren't always very nice.

Now that you know you and the little one react this way to poison ivy, make sure it never gets burned. Inhaling it in the smoke can cause some serious problems that require a hospital stay.

Sharon said...

I'm not sure about poison ivy, but for poison oak we always swear by spraying Aqua Net hairspray on the rash. It drys it up asap. Pretty wierd, but it works!

A glance at my world said...

I'm sorry I have no remedies...I'm not allergic to poison ivy. But I do feel your pain, err...itch, I have some bug bites right now that are driving me insane!

cdees39 said...

ALl we had when I was younger was Calomine. I am not allergic, but I swear my mom coulnd't look at it without breaking out. Blessed's recommendation sounds right on.

Sage said...

I have no cures for you, but I second Dawn's comment. Our son, Chris, when he was little, loved to camp and play near the fire. One time he and his brother were pretending to cook a stew in a large can. They threw in leaves and berries and acorns, and apparently some poison ivy. Within minutes of standing in the smoke and steam from that can of "stew", he was itchy, red, and swollen so much his face was almost unrecognizable! A quick trip home and to the doctor cleared it up with no lingering problems, but he was one sick little guy for awhile there. The smoke and even steam from "stew" is worse than the oil from the leaves themselves. Hope you improve soon.


lolly said...

When Trey was little, he was always getting it, just on our little 1/2 acre. We decided he could catch it airborne. When it was bad, we would go to the doctor for help. I think he would get a z-pak(?) the steroid that you take for 7 days.

Don't let it get too bad. I seem to remember Trey ending up with impetigo once.

I don't recall him having it much after his teens.

It was always interesting to me that he was the ONLY one in our family that ever got it. Apparently, all the rest of us are immune. I have no idea how we got that way, but I don't take any chances if I see it ;o)

Pam said...

I am no remedies, but I feel bad you are going through this :(

OKGardners said...

I just found this a day late. We were working away from home yesterday. (Did you get my longish email?)

My friend got poison ivy as a kid and and kept getting it over and over. They finally tracked it down to his watch band that was infested with the poison ivy oil. Also, his Mom had nurtured a pretty vine outside his bedroom window and he slept with his window open and it was POISON IVY!! So he had it repeatedly until they figured it out. He has scars from the rash being so bad on his stomach. Now that is BAD!! At the time I knew this guy, it seemed that he was MORE suspectible to it and had no immunity at all.

Take care and I hope you have some relief since you wrote this posting yesterday.

Betty in OK
(I've had Poison Ivy once)

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well gosh darned if I'm not late answering this post, but I'm still going to answer. If your wee ones are anything like my boys, you'll buy stock in a company called Ivy Dry. I get it at my Walgreens, but I can't imagine other places don't sell it too. It comes in a spray bottle, is kind of pricey, but dries it up right quick! I'll never use anything else.