Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wishing Well

We just returned from visiting our land and we had a blast, well except for the ticks and poison ivy. We did a lot of clearing around the old homestead to try and decide where we want to build our cabin.

Big Buckaroo worked on the well we found just to see what we had there.

Here is what it looked like when we found it.

Isn't this amazing! We pumped out the majority of the water. Can you imagine digging this 100 years ago, no modern technology, just a shovel, pick ax, and muscles?

Speaking of muscles (hehe, I love to embarass Big Buckaroo), we mucked out about a foot off the bottom. There was not a treasure chest, but I am sure we will find some cool stuff when we get a little more out....when my poison ivy rash heals.

Postscript: After we finished this, Big Buckaroo built a cover for the well. So, all of you worried about the LIttle Buckaroo's falling in, rest assured, we took care of it.

The Park Wife


Becky at Swirling Vortex said...


Valarie said...

That is so cool! I love finding neat stuff like that. :)

Blessed said...


Dawn said...

Don't you just love imagining about the lives of all the people who lived and worked on that land before you?

Really cool. Make sure you share about any "treasure" you find!

Blessings! Dawn

Kristen M. said...

That looks like fun.

Sage said...

I agree with Dawn. Be sure to post any pictures of treasures you may come across. And keep those Buckaroos free of ticks and poison ivy. Minnesota is full of both.... the price we pay for living in paradise, I guess!


OKGardners said...

S-I-G-H ... that is just Betty drawing a SIGH of RELIEF that the well is covered.

I have a friend who had her 2-yr-old fall in the pool and she became a near-drowning victim. This little girl (Izzy) has been through therapy of every kind. She doesn't walk, talk or many other things, but she IS aware of things around her and is in Pre-K this year. She is a precious little girl. In fact, her accident was 4 years ago on May 14th, this week.

I just want to be SURE those boys stay safe.

Love you guys! And GET WELL, Mama, from the poison ivy.

Betty in Oklahoma
(breathing a little calmer now)

Pam said...

I wanted to add to the comment count :) Bravo for climbing down the well and for covering it to protect the little bucs :)

OKGardners said...

Truthfully, I could NEVER climb down in that well.

(1) I don't know how they are constructed (is there a bottom in it???)

(2) How do you know there are not deadly snakes and bugs inside it?

(3) I don't think I could deal with the slime in there... Was there slime on the walls and bottom of the well?

(4) I am too old and stiff to climb down and THEN back UP!!!

I'm glad YOU are young and healthy and can make the trip down and back out. I thought of this yesterday, but hesitated to write it, but your wife inspired me to TELL IT LIKE IT IS! So there it is.

Take care of the boys while Mama is away from home.

Betty in Oklahoma

Amy said...

Look at you in that big ol well!
I can't imagine all the nasty stuff you got out of it! Truly a man who loves the out doors! :)

lolly said...

OK, I thought the well picture was cool and showed it to Pop.

He's VERY worried about Big Buckaroo... Apparently there is a possibility of natural gas (methane etc.) leakage in wells (man holes) etc. and it traps in the bottoms. The gases are heavy and seep to the bottom. They've lost guys to this and have to have safety training. Take blowers down to disperse the air.

ANYway...he wants Big Buckaroo to be sure and read up on it before he goes down in there again. (We know he can deal with the snakes etc. ;o)

Love ya

fairygodmother said...

I am with Lolly, be careful down there Big Buck. I can't wait to see this place first hand. I know someone who can't wait to "treasure hunt" with you.