Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Buckaroo Dad

With Father's Day this weekend, I thought I would take the opportunity to publicly brag about my incredible husband (surprise, surprise, huh?) As I sat down, I thought how in the world could I ever convey how extraordinary my husband is as a dad? I will try to stumble through, forgive me for not having the eloquence to do him justice. If you aren't in the mood for mushiness, come back later.

Big Buckaroo is a wonderful, devoted dad and the Buckaroo's adore him. They want to dress like him which means full Ranger uniforms, gun belts and all, they want to be strong like him, seek adventure like him and just want to be with him.

They are so happy to see him when he walks in the door and usually want to go to work with him (too bad they don't meet the age requirement). They would be with him all the time if they could. Even though he has a very demanding job, he does not stay late often and he rushes home to play outside with them.

When I look at our boys, I see Big Buckaroo and am so blessed that the Lord gave me my love of a lifetime. Plus, I am thankful that He gave me the strength to wait for him to walk, well saunter, into my life.

When Little Buckaroo was born, they handed him to Big Buckaroo and his face glowed with unconditional love, he was our miracle that transformed us from a couple into a family. Little Buckaroo had to be in the nursery for a few days after birth, he came out talking, um yeah, he is chatty, always has been, so his lungs were filled with fluid. All my love swelled up with pride and adoration when we went into that nursery and he held our baby. With tears streaming down his face, the strongest man I have ever known so naturally transformed into an incredible father.

Littlest Buckaroo is just as amazing as his big brother but with totally different strengths and personality traits, he is very much like his dad. So much so that at the young age of 2 1/2 he even walks just like him, yes, he has that Ranger saunter that I fell in love with back in Memphis. He is a man who walks with integrity and I pray that the Buckaroos will walk with the Lord just as their daddy does.

These are the moments I thank God that I am alive.

But, the best part is that he loves their mommy so well. In him I found my true companion and I could not ask for more.

So, on Father's Day, Big Buckaroo enjoy the adoration of two great little boys who want to be just like their daddy, there is not anyone on this earth that I would rather them be like. And, know that you have a wife that strives to honor you and loves you with every thing she has.

Happy Father's Day,
Always and Forever,
Your Park Wife

(O.K. these are the pictures I took of the Buckaroos for their daddy's Father's Day gift, aren't they the cutest things! I know, I am partial.)


Anonymous said...

tears tears...what a lovely blog!! Great pics too!! And you are absolutely correct, they are the cutest things in this whole world!! I can't wait til this weekend!! I know I'm gonna be wondering why the heck I didn't get there sooner :o)

Lisa J said...

Oh how heart touching. What a testiment to your husband about your husband. He is a lucky man, and yes you are one lucky woman. I admire that you two are strong people bringing up your boys with Christ in the home. I admire you are able to live and love and have fun just as we should, and yet still honor their father and their Father. Teaching them who those two are and what part they play in their lives. You are a good momma to do that. And you are/will be blessed for it as well. I am very glad I have met you on the web, thank you for sharing a little part of you life with the world.

jennifer said...

Happy Father's Day to your Husband. The pictures of the kiddos are adorable - he'll love them!


*Lissa* said...

Awesome pics of the kiddos!

Karen said...

You have to get mush sometimes *grin*. That's why we're women.

Tipper said...

Very sweet post and photos!

Mommy Lion said...

lovin', lovin' the pics of the boys!
Happy Father's day cuz!!!

Dawn said...

Nice post and tribute to your hubby. The pictures are awesome!!!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Thats such a sweet post!