Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moving On From Politics (for now)

McCain-Palin 2008!

Moving on....
I know I have not blogged as much lately, but no worries, we are doing great, just busy.

Little Buckaroo is excelling in his schoolwork (homeschooling is GREAT), Littlest Buckaroo is all about having fun and enjoying life, and Big Buckaroo is making some wonderful progress at work despite the opposition from those who are against him.

We know that being here at this Park is God-ordained and is being used to break (at times) and refine us (just think what it is doing to others!). I know that it is not about our brokenness but how we respond to it. And, let me be the first to admit, I fail daily. I am thankful for the amazing amount of grace He has poured out in our lives and the blessings that are flowing.

We are planning a trip to our land soon. It has been too wet to build the road which is the first step to getting started on our cabin. We bought 25 windows from an old farmhouse and have been working on scraping and preparing them for the cabin. So, we are doing something toward our dream cabin despite the hurricane season rainfall.

As for me, I am having my first Spa Girl weekend with one of my dearest friends soon, am going to paint my kitchen and make new curtains! Plus, I am thinking of putting Tonto up for bid on EBay. Any takers?

Thanks to all my bloggy friends for your friendship, support, and kindness. It is like water in the desert.

The Park Wife


Valarie said...

You can't sell Tonto!!!! Bring him to Alabama I will take him.:(

My husband probably wont like it, but once he is here he will get used to him. He used to raise pigs.

Tonto is like Wilbur, you can't just sell him. :(

Darlene said...

Oh, no! Not Tonto! Not that smelly, fun loving, rooting up the whole yard, pig? Surely not!

Love your blog:) Sometimes it seems, in the working world, the closer you are to the Lord the more trouble people make for you.
They are hard to ignore but staying close to our Lord, as you and your family are doing, He will turn it all for your good.

That's His promise which I remind myself of daily.

God bless, my friends.

Lisa J said...

Tonto can come here and live in my fenced in area that was suppose to be a garden. I was going to put goats in it, but Tonto can come instead. Even if the whole place is rooted up it won't matter. Pigs are suppose to be one of the smartest of all farm animals to train. Even smarter than dogs.

OKGardners said...

Sometimes you may not know it, but we (your friends) are still out here for you. We love your blog and wait for the next entry.

A...hemm....(clearing throat) You need to finish your Love Story. We are stuck, waiting while holding our breath, just waiting, waiting, waiting.... you get the picture.....

Please write the remainder of the love story that culminated with your wedding. We KNOW your Love Story will continue to be written through the remaining days of your life together.

You just can't auction Tonto away... what would Lucky do without her? (Seriously, if you MUST, you must!) Do what you need to do with our blessings. :-)

Love you guys,
Betty in Oklahoma