Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tonto and Little Buckaroo Win Blue Ribbon Despite the Rain

The rain finally let up yesterday afternoon and of course, I let the boys go play in the puddles.

Tonto and Lucky the dog were not far from them, they are such good guard animals, well, except for the fact that the pig has rooted the majority of the yard and then there is the smell, ugh!

We lost a beautiful crabapple tree so the guys had to inspect the damage by climbing all over it. Oh, look Tonto rooting up the yard, surprise.

Later in the day, we waded through the typhoon to get to the Fairgrounds so Little Buckaroo could show Tonto. Aside of the fact that we were told he would show her at 6:00 and did not until 7:30, all went well. Now, the Buckaroos go to bed at 8:00 every night, they have since they were born (I got a little overzealous on the Baby Wise program). So, around 7:15 (at that point I was kicking myself for teaching Little Buckaroo how to tell time) Little Buckaroo decided that 4H might not be for him because "they keep you up too late" and he was hungry.

Finally, he got Tonto on her leash, yes, he had her on a leash and she walked on it pretty well. Is she a dog or a pig? Or is she a pig that thinks she is a dog?

He won a blue ribbon and was smiling from ear to ear (not in this picture), I think it was because he had so much fun showing the pig, or it could be that we were going to take him out for a celebratory dinner, no, we did not have pork.

He said he wanted to try raising a goat or calf next year. Next year, oh no! Maybe he could just play a sport or something! I guess it is better than bull riding though.

The Park Wife


Valarie said...

We are keeping Tonto right?????

OKGardners said...

Well, Grandma Betty is shedding tears of joy to see these pictures. How VERY sweet these pictures are. I love them. That dog & pig are best friends forever (BFF) so you are a Pig Mama for life! I am so proud of Little Buckaroo and that BLUE RIBBON! I loved the sign on the fence beside him, too. (You made it ... right?) I LOVE your blog and daily activities being Super Mom to 2 wonderful little boys.

Love, Grandma Betty in Oklahoma

:Jayne said...

Congrats little Buckaroo! It took me 3 years of 4-H to finally win Blue!!! Great job your first time out.
I won a greased pig in the greased pig contest at the fair one year. I had to raise him and show him the next year. His name was PorkChop and yes, that's what he became.
4-H is such a great organization!

OneCowgirl said...

Congrats on the Blue Ribbon!! I sure wish I'd grown up in the 4 H!!

Lisa J said...

Oh I have never seen them show a pig on a funny. Glad to see you faired ok with the storm, we did not get hardly anything here. Enough rain to get the car dirty.
4H will be a great thing for him to be involved in, I am happy to see the little pig is happy to be his project. Tonto is a good friend. did you bring Lukcy to the show/fair with you?

Mommy Lion said...

CONGRATS Little Buckaroo! That's some hard work! And what great goals for next year! *smile*

Patriot said...

I'm back to your blog after a brief hiatus. Glad to hear things are going well for you and your family. The pictures of the pig and dog crack me up!!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on a blue ribbon! That's a great first year accomplishment!

Stop by and see my post today. It's about pigs... but none as cute and sweet as Tonto!


A glance at my world said...

Congrats on the blue ribbon!