Friday, December 5, 2008

Goodwill Addict

I have a problem (well, probably more than one but this is the one I am admitting to today). I love Goodwill. It started innocently enough, I stopped by one in the large town where we go shopping (about 35 minutes away). I was looking for some cool old stuff to re-do and I could not believe what I found. From name brand clothing for the boys, hey, they grow through it so fast I am happy when I can pick of jeans that look like they have never been worn to a denim couch slipcover (for the cabin) with the tag still on it to tons of dress-up wear and homeschool books galore.

Big Buckaroo is getting a bit concerned and I think he is looking for some type of Goodwill Addicts Group to send me to. But, people, have you ever been to Goodwill? If you find a good one, it is a goldmine!

I would like to share a small sampling of my great purchases from this weeks shopping trip.

Last week, I lucked up on a red duster for Little Buckaroo that may not have ever been worn, then this week, I found a duster for Littlest Buckaroo. Total for 2 dusters: $4.50

The Buckaroo's room is decorated in a rustic, western theme so of course when I saw that this lampshade is the exact colors of their room, I had to fork over the $2.00 for it. Now, I don't have a lamp for it yet, but I am sure I will find one while quenching my Goodwill addiction.

Check to see if there is a Goodwill in your area, you might be surprised at what you will find, plus each time you shop at Goodwill, you contribute to the well-being of less fortunate people in your community.
The Park Wife


Marge said...

We don't have a Goodwill here, but I went to one of our local thrift shops yesterday and did very well for $3.00 plus tax! I posted my finds on my blog.

I do believe I could become addicted!


OneCowgirl said...

Love the lapshade!! I too love Goodwill!!

OneCowgirl said...

oops I meant lampshade!!

Valarie Lea said...

Love the goodwill, but I am still working on my issues with the whole clothing thing. Me and other peoples kooties don't get along. Those dusters are awesome though! Our Goodwill is very proud of there stuff and you can tell in the prices! I have never in my live seen such high prices at one!

OKGardners said...

Oh, yes!!!! We have Goodwill stores around here by the ton and I started visiting them several months ago. I have found books (CHEAP), an electric full-sized like new keyboard & stand ($15), and other cute items. One set of four Hallmark store Christmas mugs for $2. They have other items there that are so well priced, but many I don't need. (a crystal bowl with real silver rim from Dillard's - just like the one I already have.) Plus, I've seen sets of Christmas dishes that would be great for now. I wish I'd picked up some of those. Anyone of these items would be a great find. There is always tomorrow!!! New items arrive daily.

Betty in Oklahoma
a frugal shopper!

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE Goodwill stores!! Purchasing from them supports local charities like my wallet! All of my clothes i wear I buy at Goodwill and my office co-workers comment that I am always such classy dresser!
Theresa in Alberta

Lisa said...

We have goodwill here too. I have been once since living in Tulsa and want to go again. My cousin took me and I honestly don't remember where it I will need to get her to take me again, or give me the address. And yes, you can find some really good deals there. I want to start looking for props for my photography studio!

Mom2Toribug said...

I have never visited the Goodwill in our town, but we just got one opened up so now I am going to go in there. I have frequented the consignment shops near my house and found some really good bargains. I wish I was as creative as you when it comes to the ideas though. Great job! I enjoy reading your blog.