Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I know, I have been slacking on posting. With both of the Little Buckaroo's birthdays in December and the holidays in full-swing, I have been quiet busy. As to not bore you too much with details, I am just going to post some pictures of the highlights of the past couple of weeks.

The first two Saturday nights in December, our historical park puts out luminaries and decorates the town, including the historical homes as they would have been decorated for Christmas in the 1860s. Here are the Little Buckaroo's with two of their friends from 4-H, they volunteered in one of the homes.

Yes, that is me fixing Littlest Buckaroos shirt. For the third year, I volunteered to put on a hoop skirt and help out. It is fun to do this (once a year only) plus it shows our support to the Park and especially to Big Buckaroo. We are very proud of what he has done and works to do every day to make this Park a better place.

I finally finished the Roman shades for my kitchen!
Just in time to enjoy them while I made....

birthday cakes. Littlest Buckaroo (AKA bucking bull cowboy) wanted a cowboy boot, surprise.

And, Little Buckaroo wanted an Indian cake. So, I decided to make an Indian village. There is cake in the tepees.

Speaking of birthdays, this is my dear, sweet friend and her family. Her husband planned a surprise party for her in the big city at a Japanese restaurant. Sushi two times in one month for me, AMAZING, that does not happen often for a rural inhabitant like me!

Yes, she was surprised and we had a wonderful evening with her family and other families that love her as much as we do. Look at that sweet little one of hers, I could just eat her up she is so cute. Her personality matches that smile.

All the kids had to check out the goldfish pond at the restaurant, no one jumped, I mean fell in.

The divine Miss M's Kindergarten class went to 3 banks in town and put on a Christmas singing. We could not resist going to watch, she did a fabulous job, one of her gifts is music. She took time out from her busy performance schedule to pose with the Buckaroo's and her little sister.

So with all of this plus holiday baking, card making, shopping, weekend guests, homeschooling, oh the list goes on, I will be ready for January.

But, until then, I am going to enjoy every minute of the fun, friends, and family. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season full of memory-making moments.
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

What fun!! Great job on the cakes! Can't wait to see ya'll for Christmas!!! Love ya!

Mommy Lion said...

Those were some great cakes! I so remember my mom making cakes like that! The boys will never forget them!

OKGardners said...

Oh, I love the pictures! You were made for the hoop skirt-look! So cute! Those boys and their friends are so sweet.

I didn't know you were so creative to make such cute birthday cakes. Love them!

You have a wonderful life with Big Buckaroo and your boys. Everyone should be so blessed.

Love to all,
Betty in Oklahoma

Merry Christmas!

PS: I would have sent a card, but don't have your address... :(

Valarie Lea said...

Awww look at you in a hoop skirt!

Lisa said...

Christmas is a stressful time of year. I try to make everyone happy and then realize how materialistic we all are. My grandson tonight wanted every toy we looked at on line at target. Makes me very sad. I just want to spend time with my family. The Christmas spirit I think has left the building. I have a tree up but no decorations, I broke my budget, I am worried about our economy, and I want to see my family! It will all come together, it always does.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas to you and your family and your bloggie friends :) It is a joy and privilege to know your family and to be your friend. much love, the queen.