Monday, October 1, 2007


I live on state park surrounded by a lot of old stuff. The park where we have been for five years is a historical park that interprets the 1860s. Prior to this park, we were at a beautiful mountain park, we hope to get back to the mountains soon.

I love my family, spring days, Fall Festivals, starry nights, rodeos, the South, thunderstorms, photography, cooking, entertaining, soccer, oh, the list goes on.....

I grew up in Mississippi with gymnastics, dancing, softball, cheerleading, the social club, church activities, can you say over-scheduled? I graduated from the Universtiy of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations. I have worked all over the South --- from Destin to Atlanta to Memphis to Austin and some others in between.

While living and working in Memphis, a hunky park ranger walked into my life and took me away for a lifetime walk in the park.

I traded in my jet setting life working for an International Development Organization for life on easy street, yea, right, like homeschool two little Buckaroos, a disorganized house and a kitchen that gets dirty right after I clean it up fits the title easy street.

I write about life with my guys, homeschooling, gardening and farmer's market, community development and whatever I decide to rant about that day.

It's not all rosy all the time, but it is our life and I am thankful and blessed for His grace in my life.

I am happy and honored that you are here.