Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicken Little

Farmer's Market work is in full swing. My garden is looking pretty good and Little Buckaroo's chicken's are growing. Hopefully, he will have eggs by July to sell. He has already been wheeling and dealing with community folks on how much he will charge them and who will get a discount. He did a radio interview a few weeks back and charmed everyone, so much for unsocialized homeschool kid label.

When Little Buckaroo was small, he was not fond of little animals that ran around his feet, could have something to do with the rabbit that attacked him at the petting zoo or the rooster that spurred him when we first moved to this park.

Things have changed.

The Buckaroo's have found their favorite chickens and carry them around all the time, since they all look alike, I think each one of the over 30 chickens get to be the "favorite chicken" at some point.

I told them that we really don't need to be kissing on the chickens, YUCK!

The chicken even gets chauffeured around, life is good for the chicken's at "The Chick Inn", our chicken house/pin.

A day in the life of the Park Wife, never a dull moment.
The Park Wife

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