Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dream The Impossible Dream

Well, our dreams are not impossible, just time-consuming and not as fast as my "I want everything perfect and NOW personality" calls for.

Many people pack up for trips to state parks to vacation, but The Park Wife and family pack up and leave the park to get away from it all. Work on our land and cabin is coming along, with many chigger bites and cases of poison ivy later, we have progress!

Last year at this time, this piece of land was covered with trees, now, it is cleared and designated as our cabin site. Ooh, I love me some big trees that provide shade.

The special event/public relations gal in me took over and said we had to have a proper ground-breaking ceremony. Thankfully, after 10 years of blissfulness, Big Buckaroo has learned to just give in to my quirkiness and waited for me to get the camera. After praying over the site, the guys all got their shovels ready and we broke ground on our dream cabin.

Twenty, yep 20 holes were dug for footers by Big Buckaroo and myself, yes, I said 20 holes dug in the heat and over a 2 day period no less. Did I mention there were 20 of those babies. My nails were a wreck after this weekend.

See, The Park Wife was actually there working. Since I am always behind the camera it looks like I don't do any work, but oh mercy, I am there and I am working.

The rebar was placed in and then we cemented our decisions for the cabin!

A cement truck traveling 3/4 of a mile back into the woods, over hilly terrain was thought to be impossible, but now, didn't I say earlier that this is not an impossible dream?

One big heavy truck, one adventurous driver and some dry weather later, we now have footers poured. Thank goodness because the thought of hand mixing 200, yep 200 bags of bagged cement does not top The Park Wife's Fun Things to Do list. Imagine my nails after that. Oh mercy, get me back to civilization!

The cement truck was the highlight of the weekend for the Buckaroos. They went through about a day of wanting to be a cement truck driver. Hey, Peter Pan, Bob the Builder, Indian, President, army man, cement driver, whatever they want to do as long as they give it all they got. This week, after watching Treasure Island, they want to be pirates. They go around singing "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum". I am sure that would be a big hit at church, a little Amazing Grace and bottle of rum.

Big Buckaroo was on hand to aim the little metal army thingy (I bet it has another name, but I like my descriptive name better) in each hole. Big Buckaroo just told me it is called it a "shute". Well, shoot, I prefer little metal army thingy.

The cement has set and ready for the next step. And, mercy me, we braved the heat and chiggers again recently to complete the next step in cabin building 101.

A little teaser: Jesus said,"A wise man builds his house upon a rock".
The Park Wife


Lisa said...

Oh how awesome. Your dreams will come true.

Susanna said...

Are you working in white pants!? ;)

The City Cat said...

No pics of those nails?? So happy you're living the good life!!

the inadvertent farmer said...

I LOVE a project...I will be hanging on every post about your cabin! I'm just glad it was you and not me digging 20 holes!!!