Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holding on Baby!

Little Buckaroo has always been a kid that likes to hold on to things. His umbilical cord did not fall off after a few days like most babies. After 2 weeks, the doctor had to put some kind of nasty black stuff (I know, highly technical term) on it to make it come off.

This is Little Buckaroo after his dad had changed his diaper, I know, his onsie was snapped outside of his pants courtesy of his dad who then put his favorite blanket, known as ABCD because of the alphabet all over it, around him to be Supertoddler!

ABCD is still around almost 7 years later and has received an enormous amount of love. He will not let her go, another example of his devotion to something he loves.

This is ABCD now, I have patched her, re-sewn her, and now I have finally given up. I guess I don't have the fortitude Little Buckaroo does.

I have not really discouraged this personality trait because I do love that he is strong, determined, and devoted to something he loves. I pray that this is how his walk with the Lord will be.
I must say I was getting a little worried because he will be 7 soon and had not lost a tooth, but FINALLY it happened. Whew, I can let myself off the hook for all those chocolate donuts and Dr. Pepper's that I drank while pregnant, I did not stunt his growth or cause tooth development damage. Isn't it amazing the amount of guilt that mom's take on unnecessarily? I really have to stop Googling health information.
Yes, it fell out and he got a gold dollar for it. He knows there is not a Tooth Fairy but the child in him thought it was fun and woke up the next morning excited about the coin that his dad placed under his pillow. I am sure he will hold onto that coin until he retires.

I love this quirky, fun, exceptional boy who has grown into a wonderful kid that I am extremely proud of and love being around.

I told him to be careful because his face might stick like this, he didn't believe me and I told him to hold it like that while I got my camera. He did, of course because remember, the kid can hold onto anything.

Let me apologize now to his future wife for him being a pack-rat, keeping all his childhood treasures. I am sure there will be a tiny piece of material in there that was once ABCD, his favorite blanket.

Holding on,
The Park Wife


Tracie said...

That blanket is too funny!! My daughter still has hers, and it will soon resemble your I type this, she is stretching it over two chairs and using it to make a tent! I guess the holes work out as skylights :)

Dawn said...

My kids are 16 and 14 and we have two similar fragments of blankets tucked away in a drawer. My daughter's is in slightly better shape and actually made a reappearance one night this fall when she had THE flu and declared she'd sleep better if her pillow was wrapped in the old friend. Of course, we were all sworn to secrecy about it! Ha ha! All info is subject to blogging when your mom is a blogger!!!

Susie said...

He's a cutie pie. Bet he is pretty entertaining too!

Beth said...

I love it! Naming the blanket ABCD is too cute! My daughter (now 12) has has a pink bunny stuffed animal (affectionately, yet unoriginally, called Pink Bunny). My Mom gave it to her for Easter when she was 3. She has slept with Pink Bunny all this time. Only recently has she stopped smuggling it in her pillowcase when going to a friends house for a sleepover! I wish I'd of known she'd love her so much, I would have gotten a spare! Pink bunny is not as fluffy as she used to be. Her head is floppy and there are a couple of places where my stitching repairs are quite evident. Honestly, she should be called gray bunny now because her original pinkness is gone. I'm afraid to wash her even one more time for fear that all will be left is the black button eyes and a trace of stuffing! She will love that bunny forever and I know it will move with her to college and her future home of her own. I love when kids love something so much they wear it out! ABCD is OBVIOUSLY loved...Wow! I've never seen anything quite like it! Are there any salvageable pieces that could be sewn onto a new quilt? Just a square? My Mom had taken my large raggedy ann blanket (which I also loved so much I wore a hole into it) and made a new smaller blanket out of it. It was comforting to still have it to hold onto, even if it was a much smaller size. Love this and your son is adorable!

Nezzy said...

It is his simple treasure! What a handsome little dude he is too. I wanted to thank you for visiting and leaving me a sweet comment.

Have a terrific day fill with fond memories and great blessings!!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.