Tuesday, January 12, 2010

15 Minute Wildlife Tour

When Big Buckaroo and I ran away a few weeks ago (thanks grandma for keeping the Buckaroos), we headed to the mountains, my favorite place to be. After stopping by our property to check on the cabin, we went further north. Snow was still on the sides of the roads and icicles were hanging from the sides of the mountains. It was beautiful.

Then, we saw this. Drove a few hundred more feet and saw this.

Oh wait, don't run away, you are protected, we want shoot you.

Then, a bald eagle flew over head (bad picture, was not prepared for that beautiful thing).

And, a half mile down the road, SWANS!

Oh wait, a flock of turkeys!

This all happened within 15 minutes. And, the little towns we drove through, too cute. I might pack up and move up there, so quaint.

We definitely live in The Natural State..... and even though I never thought I would live here, I am blessed to be here surrounded by such beauty.

Stop and enjoy and appreciate where the Lord has you today,
The Park Wife


Jenna said...

Wow what a great trip! During Rodeo Season we get to drive all over Ar and I love going through small towns and seeing all the beautiful scenery. I had no idea that Arkansas had elk and I've lived her my whole life!!

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Awesome! My poor husband spent all hunting season searching for deer and the only places he would find them were in town where he couldn't shoot! Oh, well. Such is life.

Journaling Woman said...

It is wonderful living in the country. On the way to church on a state highway, I suddenly and I mean suddenly saw a herd of deer right at the edge of the road. There were probably 10-15. Then a little further I saw a huge flock of turkey. Love it.

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

all you need to make your trip complete is good rainfall in advance of your trip and a kayak:) oh and a hike up to the cave at Lost Valley! makes me miss arkansas...and wait, a world with no snow on the ground!

Arkansas Patti said...

What a great wildlife sighting you had and thanks for taking us along. I discovered a huge herd of Elk near Marshall one day with no camera. They are beautiful.
Arkansas rules !!!!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in rural PA and I miss seeing the animals on a regular basis. I now live in Baltimore, MD and see more cars and people than animals. Some days I would like it to be the other way around. Love your site.

Robin said...

Thanks for the reminder, I needed to hear that today.

Nezzy said...

I totally enjoyed your fifteen minute wildlife tour. It's so funny. One morning while driving to school there was a chipmunk in the road, then a squirrel, next a rabbit, a coyote and then a deer. I had to laugh a things got progressively larger in my ten mile journey.

I hope you and hubby had a great getaway! Have a super blessed day!!!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Beautiful! It reminds me of a trip to Yellowstone a few years back. We saw a bear, moose, elk, buffalo and eagles in about the first 2 hours. The rest was kind of anti-climactic. =)

Anonymous said...

We saw some Elk up that way too! Although ours weren't quite as pretty as yours. ;)

Lisa said...

Wow, that would have just made my day to see all that wildlife and in such a short distance...what a WONDERFUL day!

We have only seen our deer once in the last several weeks. Makes me nervous that someone else is benefiting from our corn fed deer!

Christi said...

It looks like your trip took you to Boxley Valley. We also live in a State Park and I would love to talk to you sometime! lookoutwest@juno.com