Friday, February 5, 2010

We Are Not in Gotham City

A homeschool moment gone awry, or a fly is more accurate.

Set the scene: It is 5:15, I am hurriedly preparing supper since Big Buckaroo will be home from work and hungry. This is right after I hurriedly did my "oh my, daddy will be home in 30 minutes, everyone clean up NOW" routine. Happens daily.

Big Buckaroo enters with a box in his hands. Oh great, a present for moi? I got flowers last week, what could it be this week? Chocolates ? New book? Spa gift certificate?

Park Wife: "Hey honey, what is in the box?"

Big Buckaroo: "a surprise." He is a man of few words.

Park Wife gets a little giddy, it is close to Valentine's Day.

Big Buckaroo: It is something I got for the boys.

Park Wife thinking: oh great, more Hank the Cowdog books.

Then, the box moves a bit.

Park Wife: "Big Buckaroo, did you bring home ANOTHER animal? Do you not remember Tonto the baby pig I had to take care of? Um, not to mention the rabbit, the baby goats, the chickens, shall I go on?"

Big Buckaroo: oh, it is just a bat we found in a tarp at the maintenance shop. I wanted the boys to see it. It was real cold and a bit lethargic.

Bat begins flying around my kitchen!

Big Buckaroo: I guess he got warmed up in the truck on the way home.

Park Wife: "ya think?"

Park Wife is ducking and bobbing while trying to continue dinner...with a bat flying around.

Excited children enter the room (stage right). I just decide to sit on the floor and cover my head at this point risking guano (aka bat poop) getting into my batter

After it flew over me the 52nd time I got up and went and got my camera. No one would believe this, I tell them this kind of stuff happens daily to me, but no one believes me.

He landed on a clock whose battery has been dead for, oh, about 2 years. Yep, that was when I started homeschooling. I just can't get it all done.
Pigs, goats, chickens, farmers' market, community library, homeschooling, clean house (relatively), food on the table, bats. Nope, batteries did not make the list.

See Big Buckaroos look of delight watching it fly around. Littlest Buckaroo, not so much. Watch out boy, they smell fear! Hold onto your daddy, he is really the Caped Crusader, no, more like the Joker.

It was a dark knight,
The Park wife

I apologize for the horrible quality of the pictures, but there was a BAT flying around my kitchen! Oh, and he was put back out into the wild shortly after this debacle.


MrsMama said...

What a story! Glad you got documentation. :) So, is he going to hang with you until Spring?

Amanda said...

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!! EEEEWWWWW!! You're a brave woman staying for pictures. I would have bolted out in the snow with or without my shoes! Please say it's gone now.

Melissa said...

Oh my heavens! I don't know what I would do if a bat started flying around my house... I would be SO freaked out!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

The heart of a true blogger showed with the pictures. Love the in flight one. Great capture.
Got to love a guy who will go to so much trouble for his kids.
Is he still a house guest and did you name him?

Anonymous said...


TheFarmgirl said...

There's a learning opportunity the boys will never forget!! Love that you were brave enough to take photos! Everyone should have a bat story ... here's mine: Your husband sounds a bit braver than mine! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey! At least it goes with the decor. It matches your curtains great! ;) SH

Jamie said...

Tooo funny - for me to read that is, not funny for you at the time I'm sure. Just signed up to follow your blog. Love to hear adventures from other SAH.Homeschooling moms. Jamie

upnorth said...

Glad that happened at your house!

Andi said...

I love that! Is it weird that I'm jealous? Yes, yes it is. Pretend I didn't say that. By the way, I DID NOT forget to invite you to my Super Bowl party. It is indefinitely postponed due to the fact that my septic is filled with rainwater and snow, so we are in a crisis of sorts. In fact, I came to realize I live in a castle! Who knew!? Read all about it here:

Sad. Truly it's ridiculous!

Andi said...


Ty Pennington is currently 30 minutes away from my house...Do ya think he can spare a few hours to come build me a drawbridge? I never even thought of that! You. Are. A. Genious!

kristi said...

OMG and I thought it was bad when my hubs brought home fish and put them in the tub. Well, it WAS bad! And stinky!

David said...

Well, the thing you can look forward to is that Big Buckaroo was a Marlin Perkins (aka Wild Kingdom) junior when we were growing up and had every animal known to man, from ferrets to the cotton mouth snake him and I caught and put in our bedroom...It won't be long before the Lil Buckaroos start dragging home some odd creatures of the wild...just to "check 'em out!"

mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Um...I'm impressed you even attempted to take pictures with a bat flying around your kitchen. A bat. In your kitchen. And you remembered to take a picture. Kudos!
This reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad (who was a logger) brought home grubs to show us. My mom actually hit him on the head with a small frying pan. Fred Flintstone-style. She later admitted she went a teensy bit overboard. You dealt with it much better. =)

Journaling Woman said...

This is so funny and so reminiscent of my childhood. My dad worked for the Conservation Dept. in a state park for twenty some years. He was always bringing home critters. I think that is the reason I love nature and animals of all kind. It was a great childhood.

amynelsonmom said...

Hilarious! Not sure I could have handled that with such grace myself.

What Was I Thinking? said...

Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! So, what happened to the bat? Do you still have it?