Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dirt Under My Nails

I had a blast at our state's farmers' market conference. It got me excited about the year ahead. I have already tilled my garden since getting back and ordered the remainder of my seeds.

On Friday, the meeting was for farmers' market managers and Saturday was targeted more toward farmers. It was informative and I met many wonderful people.

I had a funny thing happen to me at lunch on Saturday. Before I tell you this, I must preface it in case you are a new reader. I grew up in the deep South, I was taught all the "right" things to do and to wear. If you don't understand where I am going with this, Google Southern debutante.

Since I was in the big city, I had my face on (meaning make-up and hair fixed). That would be in contrast to the pony tail and yoga pants that I usually am wearing in the garden, oh the glamour.

ANYWAY, I was checking my email on my laptop and an older gentleman came and sat down with me. Here is what happened next:

Older farmer: "hi, what are you doing here?"

The Park Wife: with a confused look on my face, I said, "oh, I am just checking my email." (I did not think he would get the whole "I am a blogger thing" so I left it alone)

Older farmer: "no, I mean what are you doing at the conference, are you a reporter?"

The Park Wife: with a little giggle and a smile "oh no sir, I am a farmer".

Older farmer: "really?.....a farmer?"

The Park Wife: "Yes sir, I am a farmer, I cleaned out the dirt from under my nails before I came to town."

It took a few minutes but he finally believed me. Isn't it amazing how we stereotype and judge people? I ran into that a few other times this weekend, but all in all, everyone was very accepting and kind. The main reason was the connection we have that comes from being passionate about fresh, healthy, seasonal foods, and fostering a sense of community through our farmers' markets.

We are getting ready for our first farmer's meeting for our farmers' market and I will keep you posted on the progress of our garden. Even if you live in the city, grow something for your family. Grab a pot, some soil and some seeds and show your kids where their food comes from!

Buy Local, Buy Fresh: Support Your Local Farmers Markets,
The Park Wife


Double Wide Mom said...

From one Southern girl to another: its like "Country come to town!"

MrsMama said...

Great story. You would love our local Farmer's Market. It's very active in our community.

I have blood, not dirt, under my nails. I accidentally scratched one of my martial art's instructors last night. :0

Anonymous said...

Ha! We do stereotype easily, don't we? :)

upnorth said...

We live in the rural north and winter is still here, but we have had some very warm days with the snow melting, so we too, are dreaming of our gardens! We have a small farmers market and even though we(personally) have a garden, we go almost every Saturday because of the community effort to keep this going for us! Blessings!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

We have seed, we have the garden turned over and yes we still havae small patches of snow.
The 50's this weekend should clear that up.
This will be our first garden in about 38 years. Retired hubby is ready to take on the job!
Just hoping and praying the rabbits and deer don't read this.

Arkansas Patti said...

Getting the fever here also but haven't turned a shovel yet. Soooon.

Love, Sidney said...

I am chomping at the bits to get in the dirt!!! I'm already dreaming of 'mater samwiches' and backyard mint in my tea.....and, yes, dirt under my nails!!!