Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot Weather and COLD Water

Work has slowed on our cabin because it is hot, I mean muggy, stinking hot. And, let me just say, I would rather be at the beach if I am going to be muggy, stinking hot. But, tar balls freak me out. So, Big Buckaroo, the chivalrous man that he is, got busy on trying to make life more comfortable for me in the woods.

On our last trip to our mountain property, the first thing he did was hook up this contraption, also known as a water pump system. Yes, our well has been dug and we have WATER on the property, can I get a hallelujah? As you can see, it runs off a battery system which will be hooked up eventually to our solar panels.

We tested the contraption and then doused ourselves with water! Water, a gift from above, well actually it is below the ground, but you know what I mean. Yes, it was time to cool off and enjoy.

We stopped at a farm store and bought the boys their very own pool, no diving board or slide but my goodness the water is cold and they played in it for hours. Worth every penny.

The Little Buckaroos were busy splashing about so it was time for Big Buckaroo and I to get to work. Well, he did most of the heavy lifting but I used all my high school cheerleading experience to assure him of what a great job he was doing. I did have to lift and hold heavy wood and things like that, but I am really not sure why I don't get to use the nail gun. Maybe next time, yea right.

Siding is going up on the far end (don't worry, it will be painted). We did not get that complete because it is high and I am a fraidy cat.

This end is already complete waiting for us, well for my husband and his dad, to finish so we can paint both ends at one time, that all has something to do with scaffolding. I am just rolling with it. If I complained I might have to climb up and help. So, I will just sit on the porch and read Country Living until they call for me to help.
A little more progress and many more red bug bites and poison ivy. But, it is beautiful, I am so proud of my husband's hard work, planning and expertise.

It will all be worth it (I keep reminding myself of that when I am covered in a poison ivy rash) when it is completed. We will be able to leave a wonderful 92 acres full of memories of fishing, hunting, reading on the porch, horseshoes in the front yard, catching fireflies and so much more for the Buckaroos at the place we call Rockwell.

Going to put medicine on my bug bites,
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

I, too, have a husband who can do many things-it is sure handy! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Things are really coming along! It looks great, and SOLAR PANELS!!? Very cool.

MrsMama said...

I'm proud of your husband too. Nice job you guys! Love the pool. :)

Wait, you are building a guest room for me, right? Right??

Strawberry CAKE said...

Love the pic of the boys in the BIG cute!

Marge said...

There will be a rocking chair on that porch for me, right? I love your little cabin in the woods! and I'm more than a little jealous!

A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed your post so much. Thank you for sharing. Doylene

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, the cabin looks so wonderful! You all have been working very hard! Amen for water!

Mommy Lion said...

We need to get up there and help before it's all done!!! Let us know when the next work day is!