Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Deer! and Thanks Ree!

We joined Big Buckaroo this past weekend for the end of his 8 day hunting trip to our land. Although I do not like being at home with the kids for that long without him (no nervous breakdown, but a lot of bubble baths after they went to bed), I sure do love the time we enjoy after being apart.

FYI for wives out there: Send your husbands to the woods for a week, pack one or two hot meals and then the ingredients for other meals. Now, grab a book, holiday magazines, a couple of chic flicks and enjoy being at home where it is warm, dry, you have running water and a refrigerator.

By the time you join your hunting hubby (who has not shaved since he left and is smelling a bit like a gym locker), the sparkle is in his eye's and he remembers how life was without you. Now, after he showers and shaves, enjoy the following week of goo-goo eyes and romance (between all of the loads of clothes you are washing of course). Ahhh, the appreciation of a hunter's wife, well, at least this hunter's wife.

Oh, and another thing I appreciate from my hunter? (well, aside of the nasty preparation) - deer meat, yes, a bounty of venison! Sorry Bambi, but you are looking good in my freezer.

Another note of thankfulness, my go-to-blog-friend has helped a sistah out AGAIN!

Yes, Ree has listed me on her post about her book signing in Little Rock (which brought many new blog friends around), then sent me some of her cool PW t-shirts for me to giveaway on my blog, and now she is helping me out with a giveaway for our first Arkansas Women Bloggers meetup in Little Rock!
She has always responded to my requests (and I am sure she gets MANY). I have seen her being berated on others blogs lately. There is enough judgment and hate in this world, if you don't like a blog, just click off of it and find something that is of interest to you.

My first-hand experience is that Ree is an extraordinarily gracious and giving woman and I am thankful for all the kindness she has shown me.

Make a list of all you are grateful for today,
The Park Wife


Amanda said...

That's great!! I love PW!!

MrsMama said...

How cool is that?! Ree rocks!

Sparkless said...

It's such a small world. I love both your and Ree's blogs so it's all good.

upnorth said...

I love venison and can appreciate all the work you both do! Beginning with getting the man ready( he just does the "hard stuff" like sight his gun in and hike through the woods) to go on the hunt, sending food and then washing all the hunting clothes while grinding, wrapping and spicing up the meat for winter. You rock!!! Been there, done that for 34 yrs!

~sWaMpY~ said...

Just stopped by after "reposting" a topic that you commented on at my place last year.
"Why Do Baseball Players Spit So Much."
Found it interesting to see you have posted about the kindness of Ree.
I have given away about 15 of her cookbooks as prizes at my place during the past few months. Ree is a beautiful gal. I knew her when she was in high school because of little sis, Wetsy, who is my oldest daughter's best friend...or at least one of them. She comes from a "salt-of-the-Earth" family.
Sorry to hear about others berating her. My first instinct is jealousy on their part.
At any rate, glad to find you from your comment last year.

Mom2Toribug said...

We camped at our own local state park this weekend- Fort Yargo in Winder Georgia. Look it up sometime! Anyways, our good friend is the senior park ranger there and he has two little boys. My nephew went with us and since he was the only boy we invited over the Park Ranger's boys to play with him. They had the best time. It made me think of you.

Anonymous said...

Well of course Ree would answer you 1) she rocks and those people are just jealous of what shes done...SHAME on them...and 2) she is your best friend you've told us sooo....LOL...Thanks for ur awesome blog too....Love to read it.....


Outside Lisa said...

My husband is going hunting in the morning. I'm really looking forward to a freezer full of venison, also!

Oh, and Ree is one of a kind and awesome...I guess some people can't handle that! Their loss.