Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Becomes New, Well, Cherished

Did you think that The Park Wife took the road less traveled and got lost? It could happen, I do not own a GPS.

In actuality, the weather is beautiful here and cabin progress, the Fall/Winter garden, kids soccer, homeschooling, oh, the list goes on has kept us hopping.

Here is a cabin update.

As many of you know, we call our property Rockwell, a name that evokes images of small towns inhabited by friendly, hard-working men and women whose lives revolve around family, friends, and church. Fortunately, that is our life and also, the fact that as you come upon our cabin there is an old rock well, it was the perfect name for our mountain escape. So, we have been integrating some things into the cabin (along with the fact that my husband and his dad are building the entire thing themselves) as it is being built that will add to the story of our Rockwell.

We have a couple in our town that are kind, supportive and thoughtful. They own the local hardware store and help out at our park regularly. They were taking an old house down near theirs and we acquired some of the doors. We stripped and repainted them. Now, I know the picture is of Big Buckaroo putting on a coat of paint but seriously I did help strip it and put a coat of paint on it too.

And, it has been installed. O.K. that part was all Big Bucakroo.

When we first started working on the cabin a bazillion months ago, Big Buckaroo bought some windows from a couple that has a beautiful old farmhouse. We completely stripped, took out the window panes (oh yes, they were a pain), re-caulked and painted them. They are all in. But, that is not the best part of the story. We became good friends with the couple that owns the farmhouse. Our boys were in their daughters wedding, they helped me start the farmers' market and we count them as family.

There is a lot of hard work and love being put into building the cabin at Rockwell. And, also a lot of memories from those who have become part of our family history and now, Rockwells.

Blessed beyond words,
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

Wow! The cabin is looking great! I can't wait to get up there and see it with my own eyes! I miss y'all!

strawberry Cake said...

Stephanie, so good to here an update...the cabin looks great. Glad to here you didn't off and go missin'. Luvya Sheila

Miss Jody said...

Oh my Land Girl!
This is coming along so beautifully!!!
Loving this!!!

A Gracious Home said...

You have done a great job on the cabin. I'm not sure where that town is. I will look it up. Doylene

LuGene said...

OK, you got me; I cried when I read it!