Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freezing Fun

Now, this is what I call fun. Hanging out with your brother at top speed, singing a little song at the top of your lungs, bouncing through a pasture and laughing. Life is good. But, wait, this is even.......


Especially when you have a dad that over-indulges all things boy and will stand out and freeze so he can push you when the snow gets too deep. Yes, life is good, especially while I am watching this through the window by the fireplace.

I love to watch the snow falling, play with the boys in it for a few minutes, then, after a snowball fight or two, it is time for me to head inside and drink some hot chocolate (and start washing the 12 loads of clothes that accumulated since the first flake fell).

I would be a horrible Yankee for so many reasons, and let me tell you, snow is one of the main ones.

The Park Wife


Val said...

Looks like agood time was had by all!

Sheila said...

Yup, from Oct. to April it's pretty much cold, and there at least 3 months of snow in's good hibernatin weather. But the summers in Michigan with the Big Lake make it all worth it! Fun post, my kids pull each other on sleds behind our quads, I watch from the window with my coffee : D I'm wimpy too

SweetMissMagnolia said...

oh man what fun! look at all that SNOW! we haven't gotten much this season--we did get some ice about 2-3 weeks ago here in Meridian--it's been colder here than most winters