Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hot Ranger Search, Thank You Janet Evanovich

I have been reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels (hilarious!). I often wondered (and was a bit disturbed) by the fact that one of the common searches that landed people on my blog was Hot Ranger. But, after reading these books, I totally get it. So, in honor of all you HOT RANGER searchers out there, here is an old post that lands people on my blog with that search! Sorry if you are disappointed, but if it makes you feel any better, I am married to a mix of Ranger and Joe Morelli in the books. Yes, I love my life.

Unfortunately, a few months back one of the barns at our Park did not like the hay that they decided to put in its loft. Or, well, I guess the hay had a problem with being trapped inside an old, drafty barn. So, it took revenge and spontaneously combusted.

Um, where are the firetrucks? firemen?

Remember we are in a rural area so we depend on the Volunteer Fire Department. Our town's department consists primarily of Park staff.

Park Rangers are usually also First Responders (medical) and Fire certified. So, here Big Buckaroo (on the right) is trying to save some of the barn or at least contain the fire so that it would not spread to any of the historical homes, i.e. matchsticks waiting to be lit. Also, my friend Nikki's house is only a few hundred feet away and let me tell you she was not getting Smores ingredients out at this point.

Big Buckaroo finally decided that his Park brown uniform might not be the protection he needed and put on his fire gear. I think that was a good idea because, um, did you see this fire?

Yeah, looks a little hot.

Time to reload, thank goodness there were many Volunteer Fire Departments that responded to help. It is amazing how people pull together during these times. Politics, religion, race, education - none of that mattered, there was a goal and everyone was working to achieve that goal. Just think what kind of world we would have if everyone worked together like this on a daily basis.

Most of the tack was saved and even some old wagon wheels.


The fire was put out and although the barn did not make it, the town was saved.

I told you it was going to be a very hot post today! Also, I am single-handedly trying to clean up the Internet. When anyone Google's Hot Ranger (and I know you people are out there) they will be brought to this clean, family-friendly site!

So, for all those Googlers out there: Hot Park Rangers, Hot Park Ranger, Hot Ranger, Love Park Rangers. Park Rangers are Hot, A Ranger's Life. I can't wait to see what kind of ads show up on my site--tsktsk.

Have a great weekend,
The Park Wife

Since this post which was a few years ago, the barn has been rebuilt and is beautiful!


MrsMama said...

I haven't googled "Hot Ranger" but I did look up and track down the cologne that he wears in the books. You can buy it on eBay. :)

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Jasmine said...

Mercy! What a fire!

A said...

still can't believe I got some great pictures like those you posted. Thanks Park Wife. I have some other ones if you would like to see.