Monday, August 15, 2011

Tell Me Your Favorite Blogs

I love to stumble onto a blog that really speaks to me. Sometimes it feels like that blogger and I are soul sistahs and other times there are bloggers with ideas or a lifestyle that might not have any resemblance to my life, but my eyes are opened to some truth.

So, I want to know the top 3 blogs that you read on a regular basis so I and all of my readers (yes, all 5 of them) might find that kindred spirit blogger that they might not have found without you introducing them to us.

I will go ahead and throw The Pioneer Woman out there because many of us read her daily and are inspired by her. So, no need to put her on your list, she is a given.

Looking forward to "meeting" your favorite bloggers!

The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

My lists rotates pretty regularly but here are my current top three: boy starts blog as Christmas present to his Memaw. Loses over a hundred pounds running and connects with his Dad, brother, and a huge chunk of the world. Watch the video on the side bar. Have tissues handy. and entertaining food blogger who hacks industrial foods most never think of making at home as well as coming up with amazing original creations. Great photos and fun food science. Happened upon this one when I wanted to make hot dog buns. An American in Paris genre blog. Amazing recipes and tips, particularly for desserts. Drool worthy French ingredients and tools, but without hiding the downside of being abroad.

Okay, and a bonus shout out to a newish AR blogger who I got to sign up with AWB: Great blog title, hey? She's finding her way in the blogging world and in life. Upbeat and experimenting with homemade detergent and honey face washing (she's got me trying it), I'm looking forward to seeing what style she settles into.

Julie said...

I have a ton of blogs I love to read so it is really hard to pick three! Since I am an art teacher the first two are art related. - A k-6 art teacher from California shares her favorite lesson plans, tips and tricks to having a fun and successful art class. - an Art site for Grownups! Connie is amazing and genuine and her online workshops are to die for. Her posts are also uplifting and relevent. - All the farm goodness you could ask for!

upnorth said...

Favorite blogs are: with Deb and her family, great recipes!!, this is a great blog with Pam and her 2 girls. The recipes are awesome! Rhonda has so many neat items she sells at craft fairs. Rhonda started me blogging! My site is

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

Currently, lets see, I read yours, and which is just the day to day goings on of a friend of mine with two little kids (although she started blogging to keep family and friends up to date whenever her little boy had cancer). My other current favorite is, a stay at home mom in Alaska that posts free (and easy) furniture designs. She is currently building her mom and mother in law a duplex. Entertaining and useful too (I just built a shelf from her plans this weekend). That's about all I can muster time for!

Joycee said...

I'm and Arkansas blogger too, so when I find another Ozark blog I do a Happy Dance! Just up the road at Nixa, Mo. is a great blog Living and Gardening in the Ozarks. Glenda and her husband are retired dairy farmers who manage to run circles around me. Go for a visit and you will learn some great ways to save money, live green and enough recipes to fill a cookbook!

BubblesandMoney said...

great question. I can't wait to check some of the blogs mentioned already. Here are mine. -she is a mom of 4 living in MN. Very real, great book lists and recommendations, he writes a prayer a day and they are amazing.

I have you on my blogroll! I read what you write every time you update your blog.

Anonymous said...

Well, with Smitten Kitchen already mentioned... :) A couple of the blogs I read most are by families I know here that are just read by people who know them personally, so I'm not going to share the addresses here. But here are three others I enjoy!

One family I don't know personally (but she has tons of readers so I'm not the only one!) blogs at Ni Hao Y'all ("ni hao" being Chinese for "hello"). Stephanie is a mom to eleven kids, many of whom are adopted from China - where I live, so I think it's extra cool! Their littlest one just got home a week or two ago! She also has another site selling great X'ian t-shirts to benefit special-needs orphans, called Wild Olive, and works on yet another site called No Hands But Ours that helps inform people looking into special-needs adoption.

In the last six months I've started reading Practical Theology for Women, at Someone shared a post last Mothers' Day that really resonated with me as one of the "wanna-be moms" as she referred to us, validating the loss at missed opportunities but also reassuring us that it won't be missed in Heaven. She's also had several great posts over the summer about why we don't need to be defensive when we're wrong, which challenged me!

And finally, Patricia at Little Cabin in the Woods doesn't post often, but it's always calm and beautiful when she does, which perfectly describes the playlist she has on her site - sometimes I'll go there when she hasn't posted anything lately just to listen after a bad day! It instantly relieves about 6 layers of stress.

Leanna said...

Of course I read both PW blogs. =)

I enjoy reading It is run by several authors and thus includes a variety of topics from cooking to crafts to homeschooling to biblical womanhood.

Another blog I must mention here is a new food blog It's written by an aspiring chef--in essence a lazy gourmet--who shows you how to put together a meal or dish from basic ingredients, but present it with style and class with a little southern charm. As she puts it, it's southern charm made simple. And her recipes are delicious, by the way!

Marge said...

I read such a variety of blogs.....hard to think anyone else would be interested in such a strange combination as mine!

I read adoption blogs, FASD/RAD/Autism blogs, travel blogs, quilting blogs, outdoor/gardening blogs, and of course both P-Dubs. Let me know if any of those subjects interest you and I will send you many!

It's always fun to fund someone who speaks to you in their blog, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well, yours of course! I also like Oh So Posh Photography.

Darlene said...

The first three blogs I check out each day:
Suzanne can tell her story better than I and this is where it all begins Shreve posts pictures of Charlie, who came to live with her at age ten days, and his interaction with the other pets. is Shreve's blog. At the moment she has teken her pets, including the cows and cats, to the upper pasture for the summer. It is so remote that she writes her posts on paper, takes pictures on her phone and sends to the net.

Both of these women grew up suburban and moved to remote West Virginia and Wyoming. You would enjoy Shreve's adventure of riding her Vespa from California to New York.

Now I'm off to check out the wonderful sites mentioned here!