Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the Season- "Ask The Park Wife" Is Here To Help

Ask The Park Wife starts tomorrow, December 1! I know, the excitement is overwhelming, calm down ladies, I am here to save the day. Bless your little hearts.

 I will spend December covering all your holiday dilemma's, like being on the receiving end of a re-gift, handling all those tough questions like Did your son really drop out of college?, declining party invitations and other answers to prevent a seasonal snafu of humongous proportion.

Silly, serious, or fun...I've got an answer for everything (just ask Big Buckaroo)! If you have a problem, I'm your girl. If by some strange reason I don't have the answer (math is not my strong suit), I will channel my inner Emily Post or ask someone from my "expert" panel (um, friends).

I will then kick off the new year with more answers to your pressing questions. I will cover well-rounded interests --- child training, etiquette, relationship advice, homeschooling, community development, simple living, gardening, what to name your kids, why Gilmore Girls went off the air, you know the important life stuff.

Ask me anything- I assure you I will always give you an answer that is heartfelt with a touch of Southern charm and sass!

In the name of full disclosure, it’s important to admit I don’t have a background in psychology, unless you count the one college course I took. Well, maybe we should not count that because I made a C. But I promise I will give you the best advice I can. I also promise to keep it anonymous. Don’t worry I would never give out your real name unless you wanted me to.

I look forward to your questions, send them to!
Welcome to the party,
The Park Wife

**** The Park Wife, does not accept any responsibility for what might happen if you accept or attempt to follow any of her advice. Unless of course you have a financial windfall, then I would like to get a cut of that please.


Bethany Stephens said...

Dear Park Wife,

Q1: What is the best thing about living in a state park? (Note: The Park Ranger is not an acceptable answer.)

Q2: What do you do to slow down and keep the season meaningful for your family?

The Little Magpie

upnorth said...

Is making cookies from a bag (like Betty Crocker's sugar or choc. chip) qualify for homemade??