Friday, August 26, 2011

Short Photographer

Little Buckaroo has been using my camera to take some pictures to enter in the county fair photography contest. So, before we went into town (we sound so rural) to film a morning show about one of the bazillion things I get myself into, he asked to take a picture of me.

I am usually the one taking the pictures so there are not many of me, as compared to all the ones with the Little Buckaroo's and Big Buckaroo. Our grandchildren one day will not know that I was ever less than 60 with white hair as they will know me then, now wait, Miss Clairol will probably still be visiting every 6 weeks, so the white hair thing might be an exaggeration.

So, I gave in and let our 4 ft 5 inch child take my photo. I give you that bit of info because it may explain photo 1.

Hey, at least it is a good shot of my beloved boots.

So, I then asked, "did you get my whole body in the picture or just my face?" His reply, "um, not sure I got either, can you squat down so you will fit in the picture?"

I went into a lesson on framing your picture in photography at this point, it lasted about 3 minutes. He then said, "oh, I get it. Now, can you squat down now, it would make framing the picture easier."

I gave in because 1-I was sweating like Paula Deen when she runs out of butter, and 2- Littlest Buckaroo was in the chicken coop trying to catch a chicken so I could hold it in the picture (yea, that was going to happen).

I hope some of his fair photos turn out better, and thankfully my friend Nikki at Delta Ridge Photography will be here next month for a visit and can take a picture of me for our grandkids.

Plus, she can photoshop ten years and 20 pounds off me hopefully.
The Park Wife

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tell Me Your Favorite Blogs

I love to stumble onto a blog that really speaks to me. Sometimes it feels like that blogger and I are soul sistahs and other times there are bloggers with ideas or a lifestyle that might not have any resemblance to my life, but my eyes are opened to some truth.

So, I want to know the top 3 blogs that you read on a regular basis so I and all of my readers (yes, all 5 of them) might find that kindred spirit blogger that they might not have found without you introducing them to us.

I will go ahead and throw The Pioneer Woman out there because many of us read her daily and are inspired by her. So, no need to put her on your list, she is a given.

Looking forward to "meeting" your favorite bloggers!

The Park Wife

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes on the Mountain

View from our room at The Studio.
I had a fabulous time recently on Petit Jean Mountain when the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute  hosted myself and the other ladies who make up the Arkansas Women Bloggers Leadership team ( Fawn, Beth and Julie) for a whirlwind overnight planning session. We were treated like royalty staying in The Studio, named aptly as it was formerly Mrs. Rockefeller’s art studio. It is perched high above the Petit Jean River Valley with an extraordinary view from the back porch. Of course, this was not my first time here since I used to work on the mountain when this facility was part of Winrock International. My dear friends held Little Buckaroo's baby shower for me here (great memories), however, it has been extensively remodeled, it is extraordinary!

There is a long list of the fantastic things that came from the planning session which we will soon share as we relaunch our AWB site. But, one of the main highlights of our time on the mountain was a culinary demonstration in the Institutes state-of-the-art kitchen. Chef Robert Hall, a native Arkansan, Olympic chef, and army veteran, treated the AWB Leadership Team and some Arkansas Women Blogger members, who are some of the top foodie bloggers in our state, to a five-course meal.

Everything was delicious and Chef shared all of his recipes with us. Go over to Arkansas Women Bloggers for all the yumminess.

Now, I am a bit more into growing veggies and selling them at the farmers' market than cooking, but like all true Southern Belles, I know how to fry me up some green tomatoes. So, go check out Chef Hall's recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes and then take a recommendation from me on how to kick it up a notch.

Fried Green Tomato Po'boys,
yes ma'am, yummalicious. Cut some French bread baguettes into 6-inch lengths. Split each lengthwise but not through to the other side, Spread with some Rèmoulade Sauce. Yes, it is getting dangerously delicious right now. Layer some shredded lettuce, the Fried Green Tomatoes, cooked bacon (oh yes, bless your heart), and some avocado slices. Then, devour.

Or, you could also place some fried green tomatoes and cooked bacon on a hot buttermilk biscuit. uh-huh, that's right, I went there. Crisp, golden-crusted, hot out of the skillet fried green tomatoes, not sure it can get much better.

From one of my favorite movies, yes, Fried Green Tomatoes:
Missy: I hear they've got an assertive training class for southern women. [looks puzzled]  Of course that's a contradiction in terms.

A contradiction indeed,
The Park Wife

Disclaimer: The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute provided the Arkansas Women Bloggers Leadership team with overnight lodging in their facility for a working meeting and culinary event.  However, this blog post was not solicited or compensated. My opinions are my own and I have chosen to share this experience with you because I truly believe that the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute is offering something fantastic.

Thank you Gov. Rockefeller from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Arkansas and especially for Petit Jean Mountain. A life well-lived, a legacy that changes lives.