Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Southern Gentlemen

Are Gentlemen on the endangered species list?  Oh, sweet mint julep, I  hope not, it would mess up my whole Southern Belle dreamworld.

We are trying to teach our boys about being courteous and kind. Courtesies don't cost anything, but they are priceless ways of showing respect and making others feel special and valued in what has become a selfish and self-centered culture. 

I think manners are both "caught" and "taught" as children observe mom and dad showing courtesy and expressing thankfulness to each other. As mothers, we need to slow down and allow our husband to pull out our chair for us at dinner and wait a few extra seconds for him to walk around the car and get the door. Good grief, this is hard for me sometimes, I am usually running late and am dashing out of the car to our destination. But, then I remember, our sons are watching.

It is often said that "the way a boy treats his mother is the way that he'll treat his wife."  And, I want my daughter-in-law to like me so I am working hard now to prepare our boys to be men. Real men.
I saw this yesterday and just LOVE it!

Head over to DapperPaper on Etsy, I think all moms of boys need one of these on the wall at their house.

Who is your favorite Southern Gent?  I would love to know! I have one (aside of Big Buckaroo), can you guess? No, it is not a character from Gone With the Wind.

Bless your heart,
The Park Wife

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Leanna said...

Robert E. Lee or Thomas Jackson are the epitome of southern gents. They are great role models for young men in discipline, etiquette, and character! They're my faves. =)