Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Lost the Farm

At our old state park, we had a lot of land around our house which made it possible to grow a lot of veggies (enough to start a farmers' market), run some pastured poultry (for healthy, non-medicated chicken), laying hens for delicious eggs, pastured pigs (hello, bacon!), and pets for the boys to learn some hands-on animal husbandry (and outdoor chores that built strong muscles, work ethic, and character).

Hello beautiful!

I smell bacon....bacon, bacon, bacon!!!!!
Alright they did not smell that good.
Let me out!!! Ready to be let out for the day,
this is as confined as our chicks got.

Oh, and then there were the pets.

Huck and Tom

 Tonto and Lucky (aka the hog and the dog)
Littlest Buckaroo's rabbit. His name changed daily.
Poor thing had an identity crisis and left for the loony bin. 
The 4-H Show Goats- Hiccup and Astrid
The day Uncle Bob brought them a horse, yes, a horse named Bucky.

Then...... we moved. And we got a fish.

The feed cost for animals at our house drastically reduced. All was well in our new world. A nice break from chores, finding someone to feed and water the animals when we went to our cabin, and everything else that comes along with pets and livestock living around your home. 

Then, motherless Fluffy came into our lives.

We (meaning me, moms end up doing most animal baby things) bottle fed her and although I am sure she misses her mommy, she has two little boys that love her.

I said no animals for the first year at our new house (aside of the nameless fish), but your blue eyes and sweet cuddles won me over. So, welcome to the family Fluffy.

First time cat owner,
The Park Wife


LuGene said...

Fluffy looks adorable! Remember, dogs have owners, cats have kingdoms!

Anonymous said...

You need to post pictures of your new house.

lfhpueblo said...

Cute fluffy.

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