Monday, December 3, 2007

The Pioneer Woman - Campaign for Best Friend Spot

The majority of the readers of my page come over from Pioneer Woman's site (thanks!). As many of you have read in a past blog, I really like her writing style and creativity. So, I was thinking, I know Pioneer Woman has an awesome husband, a wonderful sister and great friend Hyacinth, but the more I have read about her, I just know we could be best friends. We have so much in common. I have done a pictorial essay of why P-dub should consider me for the position of best friend, or at least best blog friend. (Okay, no eye rolling, you know you think she is awesome too and would like that coveted position)

Exhibit 1: This is a picture of a beautiful flower I took, it reminds me of PW's style in her close-up photography. However, mine is not as in focus and the composition is not quiet as good, but it is a pretty blue.

Exhibit 2: I tried to get artsy with this 169 year old Magnolia tree.
I like that is rugged and tuff, just like Marlboro Man's Wrangler's.

Exhibit 3: This is the livery stable we have at the Park. If PW and MM ever need to drive their cattle through our town, they will have somewhere to put LB and the other horses for the night. Very accommodating, that's what best friends do.

Exhibit 4: See, we have a horse also. Well, actually she is not ours but she lives in our pasture. Her name is Jill and she is a retired, award-winning Civil War Reenactor Horse (I did not make that up, you would not believe some of the crazy stuff I am learning at this historical Park).

Exhibit 5: We too are homeschool freaks. Here is littlest buckaroo, he just turned 2 so he really is not schooling yet, but we have to have something for him to do while his brother does his school work. He is tearing up that ABC puzzle.

Other similarities:

  • I have 5 brothers, odds are one of them has some Mike tendencies.

  • I have 2 boys just like PW, I do not have girls, but I teach the AWANA girls at church, certainly that should count for something.
  • My husband is also HOT! and is a great daddy. See pictures in previous blogs. We also have a great love story.
  • I lived in the big city and now, I don't. I am in what you call a rural area.

  • We both wore white wedding dresses (no comments from the peanut gallery!)

  • I went to a work conference once at a dude ranch, I really wanted to quit my job and be a cowgirl. Instead, I had a baby.... so I quit my job.
  • I get about 300 comments a day on my blog, oh, I am sorry, I hit two zeros after the 3, my bad. Well, I do know since I now have a counter on my site that I am getting a good number of hits, so for the love of....PW, leave her best friend some comments. (Shameless, I know)

and, last but not least, evidently, there is no limit to what I will do to show PW how much we have in common. Last Exhibit:

We both have lots of free fertilizer for our vegetable garden!

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone for coming over and visiting my site, I am really enjoying getting to know all of you. Two weeks ago, I did not know this type of camaraderie existed, thanks for taking me in and making me feel like I belong.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

See how confusing the blog world is -- I thought mappersnapper was your best friend... she referred me to YOU. ;)

I like PW's site too -- are you going to name that photo today? I try every time... to no avail. Oh well...

GREAT photos today -- my fav... the magnolia tree.

I recently got a new camera... haven't taken many outside shots yet -- Can't wait until spring now. I don't get out much in the winter. LOL

Catty Ax Lady said...

Yeah? Well...well...I make dinner rolls! So there!

Totally kidding hon! Congrats on winning (if you haven't yet looked, then go to (Patriot's site). I too think P-Dub is just one cool chica. And I have nothing in common with her, lmao. But sometimes opposites attract too, right? Right??

And hey...I love the first IS a pretty blue.

MapperSnapper said...

Yeah yeah yeah... in the not real yet oddly real blog world, I am sort of but not really her best blog friend! She says nice things to me at least ;) But I certainly understand Mrs. Park Wife is dazed by PW. We all are in that "blog love" sort of way. She's the leader, we all wanna be HER best friend! Very cute photo essay Mrs. Park Wife, I need a new nickname for you honey, cause I almost called YOU PW too! See, you ARE alot like her! Maybe.... MiniPW... PWJR... PWroo...Oh... I'll keep thinking!

The Blogger Sometimes Known as your best blogging friend ;) Mapper

Asthmagirl said...

Very entertaining post! So that's what a magnolia tree looks like!
Best of luck to you in your "new best friend" strategy. I think you might be on to something.

I suppose you ought to have two girls just to make your position unassailable!

JessicaB said...

That was a cute post. I definitely think PW will get a kick out of it.

Now that I have my own blog I feel guilty for being a lurker on so many sites for so long. I didn't think my comment was important. I know now that comments help you to know that you are not alone and that there are people that are truly interested in what you have to say.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

There is MORE than enough of PW to go around - I think you are bgin very selfish trying to take her all for yourself.

You should be ashamed of yourself!! :-)

And your punishment is no PW for 1 week!! (like the soup nazi from Seinfeld!!)


Mapper said...

laughing a Hallie punishing you... laughing so hard

southernjoy said...


Dore' said...

now I know why I can not reach you and you have disappeared into the blog thin air, this is dore, remember me?????? ha. introduce me to PW.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I can't talk about hurts to much...hurts because I love her!

Anonymous said...

What park do y'all serve? It's beautiful.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

LMAO ... you are sooooo cute!

heartafire said...

You are as adorable as PW!

But if y'all become best friends, I'll start dissing you both..

(It's that "3 girl" thing, you know....)

Well you probably don't know because you don't have girls, but it's a well-known fact among mothers of girls, that you don't EVER have 3 girls of similar age together, because it ALWAYS 100% of the time shakes out:

Just keepin' it real for you, Parky....I'm not going to have my 2 best cyber-girlfriends teaming up against me....

Jennifer said...

another great blog site... maybe one of these days I'll start blogging again.

I found your blog from PW's blog and I found hers from a comment on Because I Said So's blog...