Monday, December 17, 2007

I Have Nothing to Wear!

My days living on a State Park have drastically reduced my style sense. While working in Public Relations I tried to be up on the latest styles and adored my Melrose Place inspired work suits. Hey, it was the 90s, and that was 2 babies ago, I thought I was looking good. But, I must admit, now that I am a SAHM, I am lucky to get out of my PJs by lunch time. Now, no matter how much we try to be valued by other qualities, let’s admit it girls, we like to have on a great outfit. It makes us feel good. But, at this time in my life, fashion drives me crazy. Being fashionable demands a lot of time, money, and energy that I just don’t have right now.

So, this brings me to our night out last week for the City Council Christmas Party in our small town. I opened my closet and of course, the first thing I said was, “I have nothing to wear!” My husband’s eyes began rolling with that “here we go” look following it. Big Buckaroo does not understand this, first of all, he wears a uniform everyday to work so he does not have to think about what he is going to wear. Plus, it does not bother him one bit that his brown uniform is not very fashionable and that brown is NOT the “it” color this season. Actually, his fashion does not change from season to season, he just puts on a fleece and calls it good. But, really how wrong can he go when it comes to dressing (actually, it could go very bad, but I choose his clothes). So, as I stood in front of my closet whining, I have nothing to wear, I heard a little bird saying “only Eve can say that”. So, I sucked it up, well, after a big meltdown, put on something that looked half way decent and ran to the running car that was pulling out of the garage because we were late due to the fashion meltdown. I wish I could say this does not happen much, but on most Sunday mornings I find myself standing at the closet door huffing and puffing about my severe lack of fashionable attire that fits, oh yes, let me add in there “that fits”. Extra baby weight is not helping matters.

Big Buckaroo has learned how to handle me in these situations and if I had a closet full of new clothes I would probably do the same thing. So, as far as fashion goes, I am not going to be attending Fashion Week in New York anytime soon nor am I going to be asked to be on the cover of Park Wivesmopolitan. I am just going to do the best I can to find something that makes me feel like a look good and is comfortable and of course, thank God every day for my Big Buckaroo who loves me no matter what I wear.

Hey, Boomama is having her Christmas Tour of Homes, go on over and check it out! Scroll down below and see all my decorating and the Park holiday decorating. I hope you have a very blessed, wonderful Christmas.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wivesmopolitan" is the best word I 've heard in a long time!!!


Pam said...

They should enter that word in the dictionary, really they should, I agree Hallie!

ashpags said...

Thanks for the comment! It's actually pretty chilly here (in the low 50s, which is chilly for Louisiana!), but it does look nice and warm in the pics. I'm glad they helped warm you up a bit!

I'm jealous that you get to live on a state park! I can't wait to read about more of your adventures. =)

A glance at my world said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad the tutorial was helpful...I was afraid it would be hard to understand. Can't wait to see some pictures you've edited :)

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, pssshhh. You KNOW that I KNOW that you have the PERFECT outfit.

(At least I think so.)

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Oh do I no that dilemma.

I got it handled now though. Black slacks or black skirt...choice of "tops"...cuts down the trying on, taking off by half.

then there's spring and summer, still working on that. I'll get back to ya.

BooMama's tour is fun. I figure by Christmas I'll get to all of them.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

no=know...butt ewe new that write?

English is my first language.