Friday, August 8, 2008

When You Grow Up...

What will you be?

A farmer who cultivates God's creation? Vegetables or souls?

A doctor who cures with loving hands relying on The Great Physician for guidance?

A cowboy that rides with Jesus.

A duck out of water in a fallen world?

As I look at my now 5-year-old little boy, I wonder what he will be when he grows up.
My prayer for him is that he always seeks and follows God, walks with integrity, loves unconditionally.....

and is a warrior for GOD.

This post was originally posted in December 2007.


Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

What a GREAT post!!

Pam said...

"I'm just a child, my life is still before me! I just can't wait, to see what God has for me, but I know that I will trust him and I'll wait to see what life will be for me!"

My mom used to wake us up every Sunday morning with this Gaither record that had that song on it. Your post made me sing it to myself.

He's a cutie pie!


Julie Beth said...

Wow! This would make an awsome scrapbook layout. What a beautiful prayer from a loving Mom.

SharonB said...

Love the post!

I was laughing at the duck out of water...I relate to that one on SO many levels !!!

Anonymous said...

Your post today really touched my heart. That is what I pray for my boy also who is now 10. I found your blog through PW, and you are a joy to read. Take care and God bless you and your beautiful family . . . Elizabeth S.

amyjo said...

precious post!

OKGardners said...

With loving parents to guide the, your sons will be great men. Whatever they choose to do, they will excel. No doubt from their good homeschool teacher(s), they can't lose. Keep praying for these boys and God will always guide them.

Love & Prayers from a Professional Grandmother,
Betty in Oklahoma :-)

OKGardners said...

HERE I am again ... ha ha

I intended to write: "With loving parents to guide THEM ..."

Also, WHEN are you going to write the rest of your Love Story? We are all sitting here twirling our thumbs..... Waiting ...... waiting ...... waiting ..... (you get the picture!) LOL

Betty in OK
(Eager for MORE story)

Lisa J said...

There is no doubt he will always be a warrior of God, for that is how he will be raised. You are doing such a good job with him now and he will love you for it. Bless you and your family.