Thursday, January 24, 2008

A CONTEST To Lift My Spirits

Well, I did not get into the finals for a Bloggie, so no trip to Austin, no pedicure interview with Pioneer Woman, no girl time away from my house of boys.

So, to lift my spirits, I am going to give you a little naming contest. No, you will not win a huge gift card, or a vacuum, or jewelry, or anything else that I would need to ship to you. But, what you will get is satisfaction in knowing that you lifted my spirits, made my day filled with coughing, sneezing and congestion a little better. Plus, in my Bloggie disappointment, I am not sure if anyone aside of my 5 bloggie friends even visits me daily. As you can see, I am feeling a little sorry for myself.

So, get on board, delurk and let me know I am not alone in the Bloggieless world. You can give me a title, a caption, whatever you want, I am not picky.

The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Little Buckaroo :) I don't have any cute or whitty title, but my first thought was "They're drafting them a little young, aren't they?" Stay warm today, my friend. We were at 6 degrees this morning, and are sitting at 14 right now. Praise God for allowing us to have things like furnaces and running water. Take care . . . Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

Anonymous said...

I have your blog in my favorite column, read every day but Sunday, love to see pictures of the kids and the park, hear about your friends and the Big Buck. I still laugh at the picture of the rodeo clown of Littlest buckaroo (reminded me brother-in-law #2 when he was little). Thanks for keeping it clean. Ren in Fl.

Pam said...

My heart is so full but
My haversack is not
Could you spare some hardtack
Or sow belly that's hot?

OKGardners said...

I would pick "Soldier Boy" for the title. He looks so cute.

I read you EVERY day, but sometimes I don't comment. The reason: I have nothing to say that others haven't already said.... so.... I leave the space for others to comment. You do have a delightful blog and it shines forth as a DECENT place to visit. Thanks for caring. That is a rare trait these days.

Betty in Oklahoma

OKGardners said...

Oh, wait .... can I submit another title?

I would say this would also fit:

"Reporting for Duty, Sir!"

He looks ready and willing. :)

Betty in Oklahoma (again)

Renee in Seattle said...

OKGardeners is on the right track, only I like a more modern, "souldja boy" title.

I read your blog often, but only comment on any blog when I think I have something terribly witty to say, which is practically never.

Liz G. said...

Delurking - you are on my bloglines - and I read whenever your blog gets bolded...

My entry is "I wanna try on the fireman costume next!!"

You've got quite a life - I can only imagine.

Joann said...

Cute picture. Just to let you know that I have been reading your blog from day 1 & I check back every day to see what's up, so I hope that makes you feel a little beter.
keep it going....

Sharon said...

I found your blog recently and have been a daily visitor since....keep it up!

My entry: "When will the time machine be finished?"

Pam said...

I am so impressed PW. I wish I could get my lurkers to delurk. You must just be nicer than I am :)

By the way, that is an adorable picture. I had to come back to show The Boy once he got home from school.

jill said...

very cute. all i could think of was "the battle of little buckaroo" which is supposed to a be a play on the battle of little bighorn, but it's a bit too vague. anyway, i am sorry you didn't win. i nominated you though! anyway, cute pic! sorry i couldn't come up with a catchy title.

Jill in MN

Anonymous said...

I don't know any titles, but those boys sure have it made with dress up clothes--boy style! That picture makes the little guy look so grown up! I sure do miss all of you, but I read your blog every day, which is great! Anyway, I never comment, I prefer the phone call as well:) Lori

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

"Little Tin Soldier"

I love your blog; you know I do.
Love your lurkers; don't be blue.
So you're bloggyless, you're still true, and we like traveling the path with you.

Pathetic, I know, but it was fun.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

P.S. do you have a feed? That way you could tell how many people visit. I use feedburner. It's free.

A glance at my world said...

"A soldier in God's army"

That is the cutest picture I've ever seen! It automatically made me think of the "Red Badge of Courage". Where did you get the photo taken?? Looks like something from Silver Dollar City.

Anonymous said...


"Little Man, Big Job"

Blessed said...

The Littlest Soldier

I enjoy your blog and check it almost daily - keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

"Look Ma, And I didn't put an eye out!"

Jope you cheer up soon!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

"Armed and Dangerous"

Hallie :-)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

"Heart Breaker"

I'm thinking -- he's a cutie... but also if a momma saw that little boy go to war -- oh... what a broken heart.

Beautiful photo b.t.w. I'd frame it -- °Ü°

AND -- look at you -- 19 comments before you. What are you talking about... feeling sorry for your self. It's a BIG day at my house when I get over 5 comments. LOL