Thursday, January 24, 2008

Support and Encouragement Abounds

I can see why people love to have contests! The hard part is that you have to choose just one. I loved all the entries, so I had to get Big Buckaroo to choose. He also had a hard time picking.

Many people de-lurked yesterday and not only had some great ideas for the photo, but words of encouragement. With my people pleasing southern belle mentality and background in marketing and public relations, it would be easy for me to glitz up my site through my Photoshop skills (although a bit limited) or more "creative" writing. But, I have chosen to keep it clean and honor Him through my writing. I want it to be fun, enjoyable, and honest and I think that can be accomplished without trying to be too sassy (even though I can be sassy, just ask Big Buckaroo).

Pam (aka mappersnapper) and Betty in OK comment and email with me often, pretty much daily. I appreciate their support and encouragement in all aspects of my life, not just blogging. I will meet these women, hopefully some time this year! Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings is also around here alot and I am in awe of her beautiful flowers and gardening skills. Do you have time to come help with my yard?

My de-lurkers, WELCOME, and thanks for the nice words and contest entries:
Elizabath S. in Mid- Michigan- cute title, stay warm!!!
Ren in Fl- thanks for appreciating that I am keeping it clean. It is cold here, do you have any extra rooms?
Renee in Seattle- I think I lost most of my wittiness with the placenta.
Liz G. - Do you know Little Buckaroo? Perfect description of something he would actually say!
Joann - Thanks for the encouragement to keep on going
Sharon- When are you getting a blog? As a graphic designer, it would be awesome I am sure. Please excuse my pitiful attempts at design.
Jill in MN - o.k. I LOVE the Battle of Little Buckaroo, too cute! Thanks for taking the time to nominate me for the "Bloggie that Wasn't"
A Glance at My World - this is one very talented college student, I wish that I had been as together as she is at her age. Not only does she make FABULOUS things, but is a beautiful young lady. FYI-The photo was taken here at our Park by one of Park employees.
Windwmn- thanks for coming by!!!! Little Man, Big Job was one of Big Buckaroo's favorites
A Blessed Crazy Life- thanks for commenting. Her site is new, everyone go visit.
And, to my friend Lori who finally delurked, yes, I would just rather talk to you on the phone too!

Now, could Pioneer Woman, Boo Mama or any of those other great blog women comment to everyone that commented on one of their contests?

Drum roll please.....
and the winner of nothing of any monetary value....

Pam at

My heart is so full but
My haversack is not
Could you spare some hardtack
Or sow belly that's hot?

Big Buckaroo was impressed with her Civil War knowledge and creativeness. Great job and hopefully next time I will actually give away a prize!

Until Tommorrow,
The Park Wife


Sandy said...

Congrats, Pam! Excellent choice for a winner.

Pam said...

I am touched. And I must say, I own a homemade haversack. I have eaten hardtack AND made it in my own in my kitchen!
As for the sow belly... my grandma calls it that, she's from the south. She also calls it the "War for Southern Independence" and has never let go of the fact that we lost all the family money when we sunk it in the Confederacy ;)

Pam said...

I left an acceptance speech on my blog. I just wanted to wear a fancy gown and stand before a crowd once in my life. I know there is no trophy or crown. I am aware. The shear glory is enough. Make sure to go read my speech though, I thanked you there ;)

OKGardners said...

Hi there! Congrats to the winnder, Pam. I did read her acceptance speech and I think she should present this speech at the Park someday. She does have a knowledge of "things" that I know nothing of.

Your blog is a delight to read and seeing pictures of your beautiful family just makes my day.

We do plan to visit your park this year, but I will let you know when we are coming. (I do NOT do drop-in company very well myself.) We will need to know where nearby motels are located, of course. We do NOT expect to bunk at the Buckaroo Palace. :) (Take a sigh of relief now.... Big Sigh....)

Are you having the icy weather today? It missed our area and we are NOT sad about that!

Have fun today with your three Buckaroos. Make lots of happy memories!

Betty in Oklahoma

OKGardners said...

..... yes, I know....

the word is WINNER ... not WINNDER...

My oh my ... I need to proofread before SENDING these.

Betty in OK (ashamed!!)

Pam said...

Hey PW, please excuse me a sec while I talk to Betty via your blog...

Betty, because I am not a "Blogger" blogger I can not get to your blog, but I do read your comments here on PW's site so I feel like I know you a touch. When I click to stop by your site I get a "Profile Not Available" error (since I am not a Blogger blogger ?). Anyhow, Betty in OK, know that I think you are "OK" by what I read of you on here! Feel free to stop again at MapperSnapper, any friend of PW is a friend of mine! Oh, and Betty, I never proof read, we have that in common!

Thanks PW, for allowing me to talk to Betty here. hehe

Pam said...

Ahh, PW, you might wanna stop back over to the 100 party... Hallie thinks you challenged her to a dance off, so I went with it!

Jill said...

Oooh. There are rewards for commenting? I'm glad you liked my title. I am, however, very fond of Pam's little poem thing. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the acknowledgement(it mad eme happy)...and also tell you that I appreciate your efforts to keep a clean, real, true blog!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Yes, Pam's was the best. Anytime you need help with your garden, I'm only an email away. Thanks for linking to my site.~~Dee

SharonB said...

Such a clever idea title! And what a cute picture.

I've invited you to participate in a meme...come on over!