Monday, January 28, 2008

Maniac Monday

Does anyone else have a hard time on Monday's?

I remember when I used to be in the professional world and Monday's just meant that my fun weekend of doing whatever I wanted was over. I do not do any housework on Sunday's, so as a full-time wife, mother, nose wiper, washing machine expert, sink scrubber, husband helper, dog groomer, etc. by the time Monday gets here I am already way behind on my to-do list. So, sorry for the late post today, but it is CLEAN SHEET NIGHT, I did get some chores done!!! I love clean sheet night, you can't beat clean shaved legs, hopping into clean sheets and pulling the down comforter up on top of you. Snuggling with hubby makes it even better. That will be my reward for my day of chaos.

My shopping day on Saturday was great. Old Navy had a HUGE sale, 75% off. I came home with 6 shirts, 2 pair of pants, and each Buckaroo a new outfit, all for $60! Yes, I am the bargain finding queen. Oh, but wait, I did not get any jeans and um, I think that is what I was supposed to go for. I am still trying to explain that to Big Buckaroo.

I hope everyone has a great week!
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

Speaking like a true mom.... came home with the kiddos something!!! Well, I guess Big Buckaroo will just have to give you more money to shop again for jeans since you didn't find any the first time. Glad you had a fun shopping day and EVERYBODY loves a bargain, right? Old Navy? 75% off? I buy all my jeans at Old Navy b/c they fit me so good. They even have regular waist b/c I am not too big into the low waist kind.
Wendy in Winder, GA

pam said...

So, you have 40 left for jeans right?

Anonymous said...

and I thought I could shop!?!? good work! and I, too, love love love clean sheet night..freshly shaved legs is a must!! :o)

SharonB said...

I love shopping this time of year...EVERYTHING is on sale!!!

Jill from MN said...

i'm sure "jeans" is just like the southern "coke" in that it can be any type of "carbonated beverage." so shopping for "jeans" surely means any sort of clothing that catches your fancy. :) oooh, and bargain shopping really is the best kind of shopping. especially when you find one random thing and you get home and discover it pulls together all sorts of random never worn things in your closet into a fabulous ensemble! you can't help but be excited about it! i was gonna do clean sheets today too but then i got distracted by other thing i should do but didn't and never did the sheets. sorry. getting long winded here.

OKGardners said...

Sounds like you made a haul, but still have jeans to buy - and money left! Take pix and show us what you bought.

Have a great week!

Betty in Oklahoma

Sandy said...

Great job with the shopping and clean sheets? I love clean sheets!

chicken friend said...

you hit the jackpot..and since you didn't get any jeans, um yes..that will require yet another trip over yonder..and maybe a starbucks to boot! with a friend or two :)