Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mr. Moneybags

Big Buckaroo: Hey honey, I know you have been wanting some new jeans/clothes, so why don't I give you a hundred dollars and you can go shopping by yourself on Saturday Morning?

The Park Wife: Huh? (puzzled look on face)

Big Buckaroo: shopping, money, no kids!

The Park Wife: Huh? (with expression on face of glee and surprise, is this my cheap, I mean frugal husband?)

Well, needless to say I am getting ready for my morning away. I am going to the nearest "big" town about 35 miles away. It can be called "big" because yes my friends, there is a Starbuck's! So, watch out, I am going to be sitting in Starbuck's deciding where to go to buy my new jeans in about an hour and a half.

To you big city money bags, be excited for me! We rural folks don't have many places to wear Manola Blanhik's, so some Gap jeans are a big deal.

For all the other Park Wives out there living off a state salary but enduring because of the Park amenities (and a good looking hubby), I will be thinking of you while sipping my hot beverage of choice!

I will let everyone know how fabulous my new jeans, etc. are soon, maybe even a picture or two!

Have a wonderful weekend,
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

Enjoy! :o)

Pam said...

Off to the big city myself today, but to look for little boy jeans ;)

Hope you have a great day my friend! Will think of you and toast you with my own White Chocolate Mocha... you know I am gonna be hitting the Starbucks too! (Oh, and the big mall here is about 35 miles away too! funny huh?!)

Sandy said...

I am SO jealous! My starschmucks is 50 miles away! You are so lucky.

OKGardners said...

Sorry to say ... but I have dozens of Starbucks around me and I don't drink coffee .. so they are wasted on me. But, I might talk them in to dragging one over to your State Park so you can be happy! It would just have to be taken straight East on I-40 and a slight turn to "the park." LOL

I hope you are enjoying your day (as I type) - so please take pictures and show us what you got! I'm excited for you@

Betty in Oklahoma (near dozens of S-Bucks!)

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Hope you had fun and found some great, reasonably priced jeans.

Jenny said...

That sounds so wonderful! I love it when I get to do something just for me! I hope you had a great time.

Audrey said...

I hope you had an awesome time. I love Chai Lattes, not a coffee drinker, but do love tea. Where'd you get the jeans?

chicken friend said... nice. hope you enjoyed actually getting out of the car to order and drink your starbucks coffee!!!!! rather than going through the drive through.

Pam said...

You still shopping?!