Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Park Wife Needs You

Alright now, I know my blog is in the infant stage but my praise-needing personality needs your help. I want to be a part of the 2008 Bloggies for Best New Blog of 2007 or Best Kept Secret Weblog (oh, how I would love to let The Park Wife's secret out). If I won, I could get that much needed sick day in Austin, TX to receive my $20.07. Now, I know there are many blogs that could possibly be (um, are definitely) more worthy, but you can't blame a girl for trying. So, here is what I am begging, I mean asking, you to do -- go and nominate me here. (Nominate all your other favs too while you are there)

Now, I don't have a fabulous prize you can win if you nominate me, except for that wonderful feeling you will have for helping a sistah out. One day soon I am going to jump on the PRIZE bandwagon, I am waiting for the PCH Prize Patrol to visit me first. Unless of course you would like a tour of a state park in my area given by ME! Don't everyone jump at that opportunity at once, that's about all I have got right now.

I will sit and clap with a smile on my face for all the winners and when asked by all those flashbulb wielding journalist, I will reply, " oh, I am just tickled to be nominated". All the while I will be thinking of what I can do to go over and beyond next year to rock y'all's bloggin' world (without compromising my principles, of course). But, for now, I am going to be myself and well, grovel for your help! Oh, and if I win I will interview Ree, The Pioneer Woman in Austin while having a pedicure and get the low down for everyone.
I have been in contact with The Pioneer Woman and she is available for a pedicure interview, I am not kidding, we have communicated via email!!!!

Thanks for your help in advance and now, I mean right now, go click on the link and nominate The Park Wife. PLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE! Time is running out, click the link,, right now...GO!

Until tomorrow,
The Park Wife
Celebrity endorsements will be accepted.


pam said...

you're so dang cute

you goofball

pam said...


Anonymous said...

Done! :o)

(Hope you win!)

nikki said...

First it's the presidential race now this! What's this world coming to? Oh, I guess one more vote for the race of 08' will not hurt! Count me in.

Sarah is Ok said...

I like the banner. I also like the ad for "find an asian wife" at the bottom. How do they come up with those ads? Brand new to the site, so hello!

Janet said...

I hope you win! :)

Thanks for the visit to my blog.

Joan in Mississippi said...

I've done it! However, I'm still waiting for the e-mail verification to make my vote count - and it hasn't come yet - been over an hour and I'm worried. I'm from Memphis, live currently in Hernando Mississippi - so I've GOT to vote for my home girl!! Love reading your blog and I hope you win.

Joan in Mississippi said...

Silly me. The verification was in my junk mailbox! Now my vote is official -- whew!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...


I tried to nominate you, but I got a screen that is telling me that "access to that page is unavailable right now, try again later." I'll come back and try it again, okay? (it's probably my stupid computer again, grrr)


MP said...

Hi..thanks for stopping by today!! Looks like someone nominated you..will you need someone to carry your bags when you interview Ree? I can be your assistant!!

Artsy Etc. said...

Thank you for the kind remarks about my photography on Pbase. I appreciate it. Yours is very nice too.

:Jayne said...

Off to try to vote in this! Glad I found your blog!


Nan said...

Have you been reading over at Fussy's lately? LOL I have a feeling she'll duke it out with you for this coveted award. ;^P