Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stormy Weather Sunsets

The storms came through this area yesterday morning but we did not receive anything very bad. Big Buckaroo went to a different Park yesterday for work, so I was nice enough to go out to feed the animals (extra points please). As I walked out to feed the goats, chickens, horse, and red mules, I saw the most extraordinary thing! Colors only God can make. So, of course I ran back in to get my camera.

Blinding Beauty.
Tom is one of the red mules owned by the Park for the purpose of pulling the surrey. However, he is a rambunctious fella, so he and his fellow draft mule Pete spend alot of time in our pasture. They are more Wild West show kind of mules rather than stroll around the Park guys.

This is Jill, the retired prize-winning Civil War re-enactment horse who lives in another one of our pastures. I started to Photoshop some of these pictures, but then decided that even though my picture taking is amateur, I should not mess with the beauty of the sunsets.

Jill does not see the beauty behind her only the oats before her. Boy is she missing out!

I contemplated as I was taking the pictures if rather than spending the moments taking the pictures that I should sit and be still and enjoy. So, I stopped, breathed in the cool, crisp air...and then heard Little Buckaroo screaming out the back door, "where are you mommy?".
I enjoyed it for the brief millisecond that I did have. That is one thing I am learning with small children, I must stop and enjoy them because they will not be little for long. If I don't stop and enjoy, even for that millisecond, I might miss the beauty of their childhood completely.
Until tomorrow, friends.
The Park Wife

By the way, go over to, she is having a photo naming contest and would LOVE your participation. As bloggers, it is nice to get comments so that you know people are visiting/reading your site. It's like our little reward for spending the time doing it. So, please head over to mapper's site and drop her a comment.


pam said...

There is a saying among photographers, "If you saw the moment, you missed the shot!" Hopefully you did both. Very pretty pictures. loved the horses in them, nice. (You have to read that with a very long "i" like as niiiiiiiice!)
Stop by my place today, The Boy and I are having a contest, want you to play along. It involves horses too :) He wanted to do a giveaway after Hallie did hers. He is all excited about it, but I can't seem to get my readers to comment! Even when I offer up a prize! I am stumped for what to do next! I see people are there, I know they read. I like your comments! They are like a letter from an old friend. Except we save on postage ;)

:Jayne said...

Some things just can't be improved with Photoshop! Those are awesome sunset pictures. I can feel the moment.
Thanks for sharing,


ashpags said...


And the animals are so cute. =)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...


I found my way over to you via Hallie, beautiful pictures! It must be awesome to live in the midst of a national park and be surrounded by beauty like that on a daily basis. It sure beats looking at a bank on one corner and a shopping mall on another! It's nice that you take the time to appreciate the little moments, we all should do that more. You're right, our babies don't stay babies for very long, you have to soak up every second.

Well, nice "meeting" you, I'll be back again! Take care.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So single women DO like the shorty shorts, huh? I don't remember every loving them - they always reminded me of Richard Simmons!!

But then again, I never saw a bunch of military men run by in them....maybe I'd change my mind!


Sandy said...

My husband always says that no one paints a sunset like God. I am so glad that you did not PhotoShop the pics.

Just beautiful!

annieck said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!

Stacie said...

WOW! INcredibly gorgeous photos! I love meeting Tom, Pete and Jill as well. They are just as beautiful as the skies they are standing against! Great post seems like just yesterday my kids were your kids' I have one in college and one in his last couple of years of goes by fast!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Love the sunsets. Thanks, and thanks for your comment about my mom.

Jill's eyes are ethereal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! :o)

Anonymous said...

I saw a beautiful sunset tonight on my way home. God has made a beautiful creation. Thanks for the pics.
Wendy in Winder, GA.

SharonB said...

Oh how beautiful!

Rising Rainbow said...

The sunsets are exquisite.

MommyKnows said...

Beautiful sunset.

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great, but the insight into the moment was awesome. Like Pam said in her comment, your posts are like a letter from an old friend . . . well, not necessarily old, maybe I should say comfortable :) I appreciate hearing your relationship to God in the midst of everything else in life. He is an awesome painter. Take care and God bless you . . . Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful pictures!

Dani said...

These are awesome photos, beautiful colors.

Steph said...

Those photos are beautiful, I especially like the last one, just stunning!! Jill is a beauty too.

Jane said...

Beautiful photos!