Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Love Letter

If any of you read my Bucket List yesterday, number 3 was to write more love letters to my husband. What better time to do this than for Valentine's Day.

Our husbands long to hear what is in our hearts and this can be one of the most romantic things you can do. Now, I do not profess to be a great writer, or eloquent, but I don't think Big Buckaroo is expecting something more than just how I feel about our life, our love, our marriage.

So, in my effort to rekindle marriages out there, to have a written legacy of your love that will be found one day by your grandchildren, I am going to give you a guide to get started on writing your hubby a wonderful love letter. It will rank right up there with that cool new tool that you got him.

First, presentation is important. As easy as it would be to type something up and print it off, it won't have the same impact as something you handwrite. Choose some nice paper and get started.

Next, content is everything. Find some time when you can sit down and not be distracted. I know, I know, as mom's we don't even to get to go to the bathroom alone. But, get the kiddos involved in something, grab a cup of coffee and lock yourself in a closet if necessary. Have a photo of you and hubby during an exciting, happy time and look at it. This will help to get your mind focused on your love and not on the fact that he forgot to put the toilet seat down this morning and you almost fell in. If your mind starts to stray, begin to pray and ask God for the word's to say in your letter because what a better model --- God is love!

Then, make some notes. List qualities that you admire about your husband, things you appreciate that he does. Now, men are not going to admit it, but they love to know that you think they are handsome, that you are still attracted to them. So, let him know.

The most critical part of the letter is your feelings. Focus on the heart. Let him know how you feel when he walks in the room (imagine him bringing you coffee in bed if you need to focus on the positive), when he plays with the kids, when he goes that extra mile for you.

Try not to settle for bland, familiar words. The thesaurus can be your friend.

Now, after you have your masterpiece written, and you have spent all the time that you can (meaning one episode of Diego is over and the kids are yelling for you) it is time to think about how it will be delivered. Get creative, you could hide it in his briefcase so he sees it when he gets to work, leave it on the dashboard of his Ranger vehicle (or whatever he drives) or put it on his pillow.

Recommendation: give it to him before you give him that tool he has been wanting or his mind will be focused on the bazillion projects he has planned for that cool new drill gun.

When you are out shopping (picking out your Valentine's Day present in case he forgot), look for a nice box for him to put the letters in and maybe he will even write you some to put in it. Don't let this be a one time thing, try to do it at least once a year.

The written word is VERY powerful, especially when it comes from your heart and sent to your one true love.

So, go get started. Yes, right now beacuse Diego is on!

I would also love to hear about what kind of wonderful Valentine's Day plans that you have for the one you love. Leave a comment and let me know, it might provide a good idea for those out there struggling to find something special to do for their spouse this year.

Hugs and Kisses,
The Park Wife


fairygodmother said...

I love the idea of the love letters being found by your grandchildren. Talk about teaching the coming generations. And what better way to teach them about the far greater love of God.

Jill S. said...

I loved this post, which made me feel like doing more than just a store bought card for my hubby, like usual. I'm sure he thanks you . . .

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I think Mr. Hallisicle is the exception to the rule - he is a man of FEW words and rather likes when I'm very short and sweet with my words.

"still love you after all these years" is about perfect for him!

We do nothing for Valentines Day but since my bday is 2 days later, we usually make the weekend extra fun. This Friday we will go to dinner at our favorite restaurant (just the 2 of us) and then Saturday we celbrate with our favorite friends.

Sounds perfect to me!

Hallie (and thanks for saying I'm funny!!)


Renee in Seattle said...

I must share a special thing we did for our anniversary last year. We had noooo money, so we each, without the other knowing it, made each other's gifts. I made a little photo album story book of our fairy tale romance and marriage using pictures and short captions, like Boy Meets Girl, Boy asks girl out on a date, etc. He, in turn, wrote me a love poem. It was so special to each be surprised by the other's gift. They have become treasures to us.

I, like WWoW, thought my husband is a "man of few words" but I emailed him your post at work and asked his opinion, and he agreed with the post and how important it is to tell your man how you feel about him. I learned something new about my man today. How 'bout that!

:Jayne said...

One thing I miss about my hubby being on sea duty is the letters we wrote back and forth. I have saved most all of them. But I think he needs a letter now!


lolly said...

You're right about the future generations appreciating them... I have the letters Papaw wrote to Nanny during World War II. He was a man of few words too, but those are very endearing. I would love to see the ones she wrote him because she was pretty eloquent.

On another note, one of the ladies in my Bible Study group said she buys a new nightie for Valentine's day. was way funny in the context of that setting and you know how old we are ;o)

Anonymous said...

I plan on writing down "100 things I love about you" tonight after my hubby goes to bed. I also plan to put a scratch off lottery ticket that is called "Lucky Pair" on the handwritten note with something saying how lucky I am. Not, listen, I am not a big lottery supporter or anything, but saw it in a magazine and thought it was a cute idea. Also, he gets up at 5am to go to the gym so when he leaves in the morning I am going to get up and make him french toast (and for my lil' girl Valentine too) in bed. I never get up early so he will truly be touched ;-)
At least, I hope so. I love that man more than anything else and he is my soul-mate. I really can't say enough about him.
Wendy in Winder, GA

OKGardners said...

You have some great suggestions there! If every SPOUSE tried so hard to please the other, this would be a happier world every day.

My hubby and I try to "out nice" each other by doing little surpises on a regular basis to keep our marriage fun and happy. Making HIM happy, makes ME happy. (and visa versa)

You are on the right track, Park Wife. You go, girl!

Betty in Oklahoma

SharonB said...

I absolutely agree with you!! I use to write many more letter to my husband than now...but several months ago I wrote out a list of 50 things that I loved about him and left it in his truck to read before work. HE shared later that we had tears in his eyes as he read the list. To see my feelings on paper meant a lot to him.

I do need to do it more often.