Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blooms and Planting

What a diiference a day makes.

On Tuesday we woke up to snow and on Wednesday it was warm and things were in bloom.

I love this tulip tree in our yard.

So beautiful, of course my photography skills do not do it justice.

These bushes bloom frequently during the winter here.

Little Buckaroo picked this for me, of course there was not a stem on it to put in water. But, it was the thought that counts.

So delicate and beautiful.

Spring is on the way!!!! I love Spring, it is so refreshing and renewing.

Does anyone else get excited when the seed catalogs arrive in your mailbox? I am not a very good gardener, but every year it gets a little better. I love to sit down with a cup of coffee and look through the catalogs sure that my garden will look just like their pictures.

Every year (I guess it is that renewal feeling), I vow that I am going to have an awesome vegetable garden and that I will spend the mornings weeding and taking care of all the wonderful vegetables that will eventually grace our plates. Well, then reality hits, we leave town a few days or get involved in some cool kid project and the weeds take over.

But, I can grow some mean zucchini, the neighbors get so tired of seeing me come to their door with a bag full of that green vegetable hanging out.

I tilled the garden last week, fun for the Little Buckaroo's playing in the freshly turned soil with their dump trucks and tractors. I will get my seeds soon and get started. My great plans will then be executed, but if you see me at the Farmer's Market buying vegetables, feel pity on me and don't laugh to my face. If you do, I will show up at your door with zucchini!

Until tomorrow,
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

You can show up at my door with zucchini anytime!!!

Blessed said...

let the bloom the little buckaroo picked for you float in a bowl of water on your table - it will be beautiful... if you're inclined you can even drop a few decorative rocks or flower arranging marbles or something like that in the bottom - beautiful pictures & I love your land!

OKGardners said...

Those were beautiful pictures. Your photography skills are great!

Good luck with your gardening. Put me on the list for zucchinis, too. I'll take some.

Betty in Oklahoma

Stacie said...

Love the tulip tree! I have never seen one of those before! Come on by, I'll take zucchini anytime! Yum--zucchini bread, muffins, cake, in stir fry, etc.

Shirley said...

I think we all get in the gardening mood when we can still sit in our warm houses and think about growing veggies. But like you other things get in the way of gardening.

You take great shots. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. When my Grandson was born 12 yrs ago I planted a tulip tree and named it after him, "The Isaac tree".
Ala. Grandmother

OKGardners said...

Friday Morning ...
Here I am again!

Are you having a lot of snow today? I saw on the weather that the snow was in your area. Stay warm!

Betty in Oklahoma