Saturday, March 1, 2008

Buckaroo Becoming Brainiac..

thanks to blog friends.

Thanks everyone who has posted info on their town, this has been so much fun and now comes the work. Little Buckaroo and I are researching your towns, looking at maps, is so much fun. Now, this is what learning is supposed to be.

We are going to work on our land this weekend, we are leaving in just a little while. So, this will be a short post as I will have to go print off things about your towns to read with Little Buckaroo on the way.

But, again, everyone please know how much we appreciate you. It may have only taken you a second to write, but Little Buckaroo is learning things he would not have ever known without you.

Until we return and I am dependent on Ibuprofen for my aching muscles,
The Park Wife


Mommy Lion said...

Happy working, I mean camping! Just remember some day it will be a place of fun, not just work! ;O)

Kelli said...

Little Buckaroo,

I'm sorry I didn't post this until now, I kinda forgot:( But here is some information about my town....I'm from Post, Texas. It is a small town in west Texas, but still near the Panhandle. It was founded by C.W. Post, the maker of Post cereals. He also had some very interesting ideas regarding rain generation (ie seeding clouds to generate rain) and 'ideal' communities. Post was set out to be one of these areas. My family also owns a ranch that is north of Post on Highway 207. It sits just below the Caprock escarpment, which you can see on Google Earth (and Google maps I'm sure). I hope this gives you another interesting town. I have lots more in the west Texas area, and you can contact me if you want some more information or place names!:) I hope you are enjoying your maps and geography learning:)!!

klasieprof said...

Just wanted to say HI, I dropped by and got caught up.
I'm working teaching Sign language now, so I don't get to read every day.