Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weather Predictions Unpredictable

Trip Plan:
Go to land on Saturday - Tuesday, work on building road into where we plan to build the cabin.

Maybe leave on Monday as there was a 40% chance of rain according to weather dot com, with some sleet/snow starting on Tuesday.

They LIED!!!!!!

We worked hard on Saturday and Sunday and made a HUGE amount of progress. On Sunday evening about 9ish, we were in the tent and we heard raindrops that, well, then turned into a huge thunderstorm that dropped 3 inches, yes, 3 inches of rain overnight.

Now, although I am a Park Wife, camping is not in my DNA. I would prefer to stay in the Bed & Breakfast in town. But, I have been quiet the sport -- up until torrential downpour.

The enormous amount of lightening and thunder was a bit scary, but it pales in comparison to our day on Monday. As it was still raining (thanks weather dot com) on Monday morning, we decided we really needed to get out before the road we are building was too wet.

Too late, 8 hours, one tractor (stuck), one tow truck (stuck) along with our truck (stuck), was pulled out with a bulldozer. Thankfully we have a wonderful couple down the road that took the Buckaroos and I in around lunch time. Thank goodness because even though I love my guys, being in a truck with a 2-year and 5-year-old for almost 4 hours, without moving but a couple of inches, wears on a woman's nerves. Not to mention that I was soaking wet from trying to initially help Big Buckaroo.

Speaking of Big Buckaroo, he rocks. Although he was in the early stages of hypothermia ( no kidding), he worked and worked and found back-up to get his family to safety. Now, the "road" is pretty much a mud hole with ruts all in it from all the trucks being stuck, but we are warm and at home by the fire. Plus, we have a dusting of snow here. I believe they already have a foot of snow and it is still coming down where our land is.

40% chance, yeah right.

No, I did not take pictures, I was freezing, kids were bored, and I really did not want to add insult to injury as Big Buckaroo was single-handedly pulling the truck with the help of a come-along out of huge amounts of mud.

I must go wash the 12,000 loads of wet clothes now!

Until tomorrow, stay warm,
The Park Wife


Pam said...

Ok, when this place is finally done, you are gonna so know it was worth all this. In the mean time though, I can not fathom going through it all! Glad you are safe a dry.

Shirley said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Sounds like you are going to have some awesome neighbors. Anyone who takes in a wet woman with two small children must be great people.

Good luck with the cabin. Take lots of pics. Chickens in the Road is also building. She also has a long muddy driveway. If you haven't already, you should check her out. The two of you can commiserate.

OKGardners said...

So glad to hear you are home and dry! We got the heavy rain on Sunday night and never dreamed your family was planning to stay until Tuesday. I'm just happy to know you DID get out. There will be better days ahead. Keep that in mind.

Betty in Oklahoma

PS: BIG BUCKAROO needs TLC for his efforts and near-hypothermia. That is no joking matter.

SharonB said...

boys, camping, rain, mud, cold, stuck....nope it couldn't have been fun. And yet...one day your boys will look back at that time and say "mom do you remember when..." It's a memory you've shared... glad your home safe and dry.