Friday, March 21, 2008

Budding Archaeologist

We had a fun, educational time at the Park yesterday. We went to the archaeological dig and Little Buckaroo loved it. Mostly because there was dirt and rocks, any little boys idea of fun.

They are digging around an 1840s home, the archaeologist is showing Little Buckaroo where they have just found the home's old well (see arrow).

The archaeologist was very kind and stopped what he was doing to spend time with Little Buckaroo. He explained how the dig process works and some of the things he had found. The fact that Big Buckaroo had his gun on his hip was not the reason (see left side of photo), I think the guy is just nice. Little Buckaroo is holding a medicine bottle they found. The archaeologist is so knowledgeable that he could narrow it down to almost the year that this type of bottle was used in this area.
Our Park Historian let Little Buckaroo get in on the action with a magnet. He was happy to find a square nail that was used for building back then.

The Park Wife released control of her camera and got down with the Buckaroo's to check out the loot. Little Buckaroo is holding a porcelain handle to what was probably a water pitcher.

Just so you will know, the Jonquils are still beautiful around here. And, this is one thing that the archaeologist can not dig up!
We are heading back out to the dig!
The Park Wife


fairygodmother said...

So glad you all were able to take part in the dig yesterday. Who knows what those boys will end up "budding" into, you just never can tell. They have the wonderful advantage of a mother/teacher who prides herself in raising her boys/men in the way of the Lord & tries to expose them to the true treasures of His Works. How can they go wrong.

Valarie said...

Thats so cool, I want to come dig in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

What a great experience for LB! I used to want to be an archaeologist (hence the reason why one of my degrees is in anthropology....let me tell you how useful that turned out to be.....or not....) :o) Love ya'll!!

OKGardners said...

What a great experience for all of you. History in the making! Your oldest son is really taking it in, isn't he?
That is great. Hands-on learning -- cannot be beat!

I love your flowers. We are still waiting on ours here.

Love, Betty in Oklaoma