Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chicken That Is Bad For You Pirate

I am a little concerned with the fact that the word chicken has showed up three days in a row on my blog.

Here is more useless information about The Park Wife and family. On Wednesday nights, Big Buckaroo and Littlest Buckaroo stay home together for some one-on-one bonding time while Little Buckaroo and I head out for AWANA at church (he is a Cubbie and I teach TNT).

We started a tradition of picking up dinner on the way. Since we live a bit out of town, we don't eat out a lot so this is very exciting for Little Buckaroo. Of course, he always wants chicken nuggets which he has dubbed "chicken that is not good for you". Remember, the chicken I cook is what we consider "natural" chickens, no antibiotics, other gook shot in them and live on fresh grass not in confined cages. Plus, I am not a food frying kind of girl. So, this is a big night for him.

His favorite chicken is McDonald's, he is a bit of a chicken snob in that the Burger King chicken shaped like a crown kind of freaks him out and he says Wendy's is not as good. We get him the Happy Meal and the majority of the time I give back the toy that comes in it. For several reasons: they are a little freaky, bordering on evil looking at times, we really don't need a zillion little toys around here that will only be played with once, and I really don't want to fill the landfill up with these toys especially since the break the next day usually. I could probably list more, but let's just stop there.

However, last night as we were indulging our McDonald's habit, I asked what the toy was (they know me there now and expect this question) and they told me it was a pirate bandanna. Well, as you know, Little Buckaroo loves dressing up and imagining. So, we got the toy. And, here is the result.....

Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

Yarrgh! Ahoy me matie!
(yes, that is a plastic bucket boat, a pirate needs a ship)

You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow (AKA Cowboy Littlest Buckaroo).

We have a wonderful opportunity today. They are doing an archaeological dig at the Park. This has been done on several occasions in the past and over 250,000 archaeological artifacts have been recovered, some dating back 3 decades before the Civil War. Little Buckaroo sure is excited about "school" today. Check back tomorrow for the full report.

The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

haha! Love the pirate pics!! LB's hair is getting so much lighter!! I can't wait to hear about the dig! How neat! Love ya! I'll see ya'll in April!

OKGardners said...

Tell him that I think he looks like a REAL pirate! I'm glad you and Big Buckaroo have such fun with your boys. What kid wouldn't love that?

I'm sure the "dig" will be great schooling for today. Kids in public schools don't get opportunities like this.

Betty in OK

Shirley said...

I do love the pirate look. I love the way he's holding the patch up with his cheek in the last photo.

Sandy said...

So cute! Cowboys and pirates and ?, oh, my!

I love his imagination.

Valarie said...

He is so cute as a pirate!

Oh and the digg they are doing, now thats very exciting! Thats my kind of school.

Jessica said...

My Lil' Bum loves "chickennuggetswithketchupandfrenchfries" It comes out exactly as it was written.

I made the dire mistake of stopping at Burger King instead of driving across town to McDonald's. It wasn't pretty.

lolly said...

cute pirate!

I will never forget our discussion last summer of 'bad chicken' being so good. Little Buckaroo made it very convincing.

Jill S. said...

LOL, love that last pic!

SharonB said...

What fun!! It's wonderful the boys have just an important. I remember my own creating things to be ships, castles etc... those were the days.

Pam said...

Ok, number one, I have some "clean" sea chanteys I would love to teach the little laddie!

* Bad pirate joke for him:
What's a pirates favorite fast food place? Arrrrrrrrby's!

Glad someone else hates Happy Meal toys. I actually am glad The Boy is beyond that size of food, because I hated having all those toys around. Many were scary and it felt a waste to throw them away. I did at times just not get the meal but never asked to not get the toy though. I pretty much hate all fast food, and he lives for moments when he can get it.

Anonymous said...

I just recently saw those Burger King chicken crowns... I thought they were shaped like chicken footprints but a friend of mine said "No those are crowns as in KING". Ohhhhhhhhhhhh They were kinda strange I agree.

Smoochiefrog said...

I don't know about there, but here you can get a 4 piece of nuggets, small fry, and small drink for cheaper than a Happy Meal. Plus, no toy to deal with!!!! Something to think about.