Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Park Wife Goes to the City

We went to the "city" yesterday. When I say city, it is about40,000 people and about 30 miles away. It has more than just a Wallyworld. Primarily we shop at our nearest town about 10 miles away, but there are just some things that a small town does not have.

So, the Buckaroo's and I got up early and headed out. Our first stop was the Farmer's Market, I purchased some Roma tomatoes (E-Coli freaks me out so I want to know exactly where these came from), some peaches (YUM!) and luckily I scored some strawberry jam from a very nice Mennonite lady.
The Buckaroo's are so excited, can't you tell? Their faces lit up when I told them where we were going next.....

We were looking for some toy spurs for the Buckaroo's. You can't be a cowboy without spurs I hear. You have heard the saying "kids in a candy store", hmphh, "Buckaroo's in a cowboy store" is more our speed and it was like Heaven on earth for them. We spent a long time looking at all the cowboy wares and they are making their birthday lists now.

We then stopped by a book store that has a Thomas the Train set for kids to play with. I got to sit for a minute and look at a book, and when I say minute, I mean we were only there one minute when the Littlest Buckaroo announced in a very loud voice that he had to go potty. After this brief interruption, we headed back to the train area to relax and enjoy for a while.

Big Buckaroo had a Betta fish on his desk at work, I think he is on his last leg, well, fin. So, what did he do? He brought home the ailing fish so that we could live through a fish funeral. It is not enough that we slaughter chickens, pigs, even goats (actually we only slaughter the chickens ourselves, the rest are sent out to be done). Now, we have to flush a fish. Circle of life at its best around this place.

Big Buckaroo decided a goldfish was a better idea. We went to a big pet store and checked out what they had, but decided to stop at a small, family owned pet store and pick up a much more expensive goldfish. I had the best of intentions to help this mom and pop store but the 15 cent fish I could have bought at the mega-pet goodies store was $2.50, I hope mom and pop enjoyed the profits!

I thought about going back to get the cheap one, but I would have spent the difference in gas plus the lady that greeted us when we walked in saw the Buckaroo's packing heat and sneered at us. I really don't think their play guns were going to hurt the fish, plus they have to keep them holstered in public. I respect people who choose to not let their kids wear cowboy boots, hats, gun belts and guns every where they go, all I ask is to not sneer and roll your eyes because my little warriors are being boys. Anyway.......

There were other stops, Walgreen's, a thrift store, and a natural foods store, but I was so tired of getting kids in and out of the car, I stopped taking pictures.

We have decided to cut our trips to town or the big city to only 3 a week max to cut back on fuel cost. I feel this is a great idea and have adhered to it so far, but in a few months when I am going stir crazy, someone come pick me up please! (Hey, I will pay you in squash and cucumbers!)

The Park Wife


Homesteader in Training said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do love the thrift store. I'll take some of those veggies you have on your other post lol.
Come by any time.

Lisa J said...

I love your play by play there, love seeing how other people live. Since we have moved to the outskirts of Tulsa and have EVERYTHING we could possibly want within 20 miles, we have learned to make every trip count as well. I won't even make a quick trip to the little town without a real purpose. But you know that is the way it used to be years ago. We have just gotten spoiled to being able to go and do when ever we want. Life has sure changed in the last 30-40 years. Oh, you wouldn't know about that. Darn it I am really getting old. Good grief.

I thought of you yesterday while I was at the grocery store shopping!!! And saw so many of the natural food items. Wonder how many are really all natural. And then went to the farmers market to get the rest of the stuff. See, you have alrady been a good influence on me!!! And we hardly know each other. Have a wonderful weekend.

pam said...

Always good to see two of my favorite cowboys on the go. Squash and cucumbers sound divine. I am craving fruits and veggies galore. I've not been able to get to my good store for a few weeks.
Thanks for all your prayers, love and support of late. You're a good friend and I so appreciate you!

Dawn said...

Do you ship your squash? Wish I could have some!

Love your cowboys!

Jenny said...

Hi, I found you through Missy.

I just have to say your cowboys are TOO cute.

I admit, I'm a city girl, but a little by in a cowboy hat just melts. my. heart.

Oh my.

Karen said...

Ha! We have to drive about 30 minutes to our nearest 40,000 pop. town to get groceries, too. How can a little country store like ours have so few choices and yet be so expensive?

OneCowgirl said...

sounds like a great day!! I am kid in a candy store too in a western store!!

Valarie said...

I used to have a goldfish, he had one eye. His name was one-eyed willy. Hmmmm I think I might post about him. :)

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your little buckaroos are cute! Sounds like a day of adventures...