Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When Pigs Die, I Mean Fly

The Betta fish that Big Buckaroo brought home from his office died. I did not know until I was unloading the dishwasher and saw the container it had been in. Here is the following conversation.
"Um, honey, did the fish die." ~The Park Wife
"Yes" ~ Big Buckaroo
"Oh, you robbed me of a whole blog about a fish funeral and how the boys reacted."~The Park Wife
"It was a inspirational sermon and a slow flush." ~ Big Buckaroo
Cute and funny, I am one blessed woman.

So, now that the fish that was on one last fin when it arrived here has arrived in its destination, of course we have to add another animal to our brood. And, no surprise, it is a weak one that needs constant care.

Big and Little Buckaroo had a talk and decided that a pig is what Little Buckaroo wants to show in 4-H this year. So, we went to get a piglet. The mom of this little gal laid on the rest of her piglets and they did not make it. She is only a week old and has a 50/50 chance of making it. Circle of life is REALLY taught around this place people!

She smelled real bad so she had to have a bath.

All clean and needing to check everything out, meet Tonto. I know it is a girl, but Little Buckaroo is insisting that since he is the Lone Ranger that she has to be Tonto.

Lucky and Tonto hit it right off. He is very protective of her. After a little romping around and a bottle....

It was nap time.

Littlest Buckaroo likes her too. I walked in on him stroking her head and he said, "what are you going to be when you grow up? Oh, an animal." The innocence of a 2 1/2 year old, when she grows up she is going to be dinner! No angry comments from PETA please!

If anyone has any experience with piglets, let me know as we embark on our new adventure ~ 4-H.

The Park Wife


Valarie said...

Oh she is just the cutest thing!!! Bless her little bitty piggy heart :(

Oh and she can't be dinner you already named her. At least thats the rule at our house. :)

OKGardners said...

What a sweet baby! She needs you and your family to keep her going. She is fortunate to have been adopted by you guys. Keep us posted on her progress with pictures.

Tonto! How cute! What an imagination your boys have. That is good! They don't have to be "entertained" or have an electronic game in their hands to be happy. You are doing a good job, guys! Congrats!

Betty in OK

*Lissa* said...

How cute! Better you than me! ;o) Our latest pet addition was a crayfish leftover from my daughter's class project. Now, THOSE are cuddly creatures.

Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

hehe! how neat! I never got a pet pig growing up! Love the pics! Miss ya'll!

Lisa J said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is awefully tiny, I hope this goes well. And I love the name Tonto that is awesome, very well thought out. Does BLT have new meaning now? (Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwhich?) ha ha ha, I crack myself up at times!

Brandi Boggie said...

Having grown up on a farm with pigs, I remember how CUTE they were! Then when they were grown how much we hated them! We started to name them inappropriate things like BBQ, Bacon, Pork Chop and Hammy.

Deb said...

Ohhh... she is adorable!!

I'd love to see how my dogs would react to her. I bet they would be completely freaked out. Oh, who am I kidding? My dogs were afraid of Tickle Me Elmo! A pig would make them pee on the floor. (Sounds like I'm housing tiny poodles, doesn't it? They're Malamutes and Huskies.)

pam said...

One of my best friend's boys raise pigs for 4H. They walk those pigs every day and keep them so fit and trim and healthy. They always win competitions with them because they work with the pigs. I guess until those boys I never realize how much goes into fattening a pig and making it healthy all at once. It's a fun process for the boys. This is awesome! He is adorable with the pig, love the photos!

Memaw's memories said...

Seeing the baby pig brings back memories. Dad used to bring in the runt of the litter for Mom to bottle feed and take care of.

It was usually in the winter, so we kept the little guy in a box behind the heat stove. After Mom fattened him up, he went back out to the barn with the rest. But we loved playing with them

Anonymous said...

Our kids have had pigs for 4H for the last few years. We always got extra ones to make sure we had two that would make weight for the auction. Also so we had one for the freezer. (Bad, I know.) My 3 year old always named his George even though every year it was a girl. I would not let George be the freezer pig as it was my son's pet. I have all kinds of info for you on raising pigs. E-mail me!

:Jayne said...

She is toooo sweet and I love her name! How adorable and tiny she is.
I was in 4-H for ten years growing up and even had a piglet. I got mine in a "greased Pig" contest. They lathered the babies up with Crisco, put them in a pen, and if we could chase them down and catch them, we could keep them. The next year we showed them at the fair. What would PETA say about that? I loved my Prissy Pig!

Karen said...

You are one accommodating mama. Ha ha!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Tonto is very cute, and it is the circle of life. Truly. She is growing really fast. We had sparklers and firecrackers here for the 4th too.~~Dee